buns of steel

This has been my favorite movie/dvd/show this Christmas season. I prefer Baryshnikov. I know he’s not British but he is easy on the eyes and well, did you notice the title of this post?

Inez loves to watch The Nutcracker too and I feel like she is getting a little bit of culture without the price tag of going to the ballet. Plus she is too young to actually go to the ballet anyway, which I hope to make a tradition when she gets old enough (Jenny & Julie that’s for you). It’s also a nice to hear classical music instead of some annoying kids show. I just checked it out from the library for the second time this month and it is well worth the dollar that we paid for a one week rental.

I have to admit though, this movie comes in at a close second. I have it on our DVR (which is pretty embarrassing to admit) but I couldn’t get past the first three mintues. Interestingly though, I didn’t erase it. Could it be because Mario Lopez’s character is named David Martin, the same first and second names of my own husband? Well, I’ll just let you draw your own conclusion.

  1. Beth

    Hey! What a great idea! I am tired of watching “Elf” for the 34th time. I wonder if Tracy and I are mature enough now to not laugh at the “Buns of Steel”.

  2. Jody

    Holly! Do you have the Ovation channel? They are having “Battle Of The Nutcracker”. They are showing four different versions all week. Then we, as an American People, get to vote online to see which one we like best and they will play the winner on Christmas Eve. My girls have been watching them nonstop, I love it! Two versions are traditional and the other two are…let’s just say not so traditional (bizzare and weird really come to mind). I don’t really need to vote but I love having it on in my house.

    You can go to ovationtv.com for more.

  3. carol

    We love the Nutcracker too. I’ll bet Nezzie does what my girls do and dances around the house like ballerinas for days after watching it:)

  4. Gingerlylizzy

    ohhh, I love the ballet too! So much…

  5. Kristen

    hey! i’ve always dreamed of taking my daughter to the nutcracker as a tradition as well! i agree they are too young. oh, i have a brother david martin. weird. thanks again for saturday. the twins talked about it all weekend!

  6. John Holly Levi & Faith

    LOVE Mikael Barishnikov. He is truly a genius.

    And why doesn’t google reader update you? IT’s so so odd. IT has some sort of August post as your last one. You don’t happen to know, do you?

  7. Brooke

    love the ballet. not the buns of steel boy. but then again, i don’t get dance.

  8. Holly

    beth – i’m going to say that maybe next year you two will be mature enough to watch it without giggling. although, you always have the option of giggling with your mouth open so no one hears you…

    jody – thanks for the tip, but we don’t have that channel. you guys must be rich.

    carol – she does dance around a lot because of it. the best part of watching it the first time with her was her reaction. she said, “that’s ballet!?”

    liz – i love it perhaps too much that i obsess about what a ballerina’s life would be like and how it would feel to be able to do the things they do with their bodies.

    kristen – weird coincidence with the david martin thing! i guess it’s a pretty common name now that i think about it though. and i’m so glad your kids had fun, they are so cute! especially gracie when she warms up. and when our girls get older we should take them to the nutcracker together!

    holly – i have no idea about google reader. oh wait now that i’m thinking about it, i think i know. we switched our blog at the end of august from blogger to my husband’s web space so that my parents could read it in china because blogger is blocked over there. so our blog url went from hollylesue.blogspot.com to peasinourpod.com
    i bet that’s why.

    brooke – you don’t like buns of steel boy though because you like mr. big (not the 90’s music group) better.

  9. Brooke

    yep, that’s right: mr. big all the way.

  10. Julie

    Haha Holly, I am a little slow! Funny that you guys have been watching the Nutcracker, we bought the “Barbie” version for Kaylie and she has been watching it non-stop! That would be a great tradition. I have to say it is very fun having girls to do the girly things with! Jeff and the Nutcracker, yeah right!

  11. Julie

    How do you like that I hit the publish post button 3 times…obviously I’m not very patient. I just really wanted you to read my comment I guess!

  12. Holly

    Thanks for making four comments Julie, even if three of them are the same, because it makes us look popular.

  13. Julie

    Okay Dave and Holly…..You really need to post! Are you on strike or something?? Christmas…New Years…

  14. cori

    julie. i agree. i check the blog daily. holly come back!

  15. Anonymous

    yes, please come back. i am missing you.
    love from cherin

  16. Holly

    julie, cori & cherin,

    thank you for not giving up on us! :)


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