So I was tagged by my SIL Ashley (who just, as in hours ago, met Harry Connick Jr. in a hotel elevator) awhile ago on her blog and it has taken me awhile to play along. November was not a good blogging month for us. I think we posted um, twice. And when I say “we” I am referring to me as Dave is Mr. uber anti-blog guy lately. Except he did redesign our blog so I guess I should give him credit for that. Another reason why we haven’t been blogging lately is that I broke our camera. I dropped it. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Who wants a camera around during the Christmas season anyway? Totally overrated.

Back to the tagging thing. I am supposed to list six interesting things about myself. I don’t really know six things that are interesting about me, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

1. I went to Morocco with my Dad while we were traveling in Spain. It was a very scary experience. Almost as scary as going through customs when my Dad smuggled baby tortoises back to the States and thinking we were going to get thrown into customs jail.

2. I can pick things up with my toes, which comes in very handy when I am very pregnant. Actually, it comes in handy all the time. Almost everyone in my family can do it, including Inez. We call it “basque toes” because we got it from my Mom who is Basque. Dave tries to do it sometimes and claim that it is his “mexican toes” when he does it but we don’t buy it. He totally has “basque toe” envy.
2a. Dave is Mexican and we are not racist.

3. I danced on American Bandstand when I was very young, maybe eight years old. My older sister Kristy took me to the Christmas show where families could come and shake their thang. When the first song started (Karma Chameleon by The Culture Club) Kristy’s date said, “let’s take her to the front so she can get on camera!” Translated: “let’s take her to the front so I can get on camera!” Anyway, I got really scared at the idea of being in the front and started to cry. Ah, the memories. They can be seen on VHS in case anyone would like to watch my mad dance skillz—for a fee, of course.

4. I want to move to England. I have only been there once, and want to go back with Dave. Actually, I want to live there with Dave. I am obsessed with England. I almost bought Gwen tights with the Union Jack on them. I love England. If England were a person, I would be its stalker. If I were going to buy a Mini Cooper, I would get one with the Union Jack on the roof. I am very fond of England.

5. I have a crush on Jim from The Office—but only when he is on The Office and definitely not in those Gap ads. And I have a crush on Justin Timberlake—but only when he’s performing. Others that I think are attractive are (in no particular order): Ken Watanabe, Cary Grant, Hugh Grant, Mr. Darcy from the most recent P&P, and the Mr. Darcy from the A&E P&P as well.
5a. I think it’s no coincidence that four of the seven are from England.

6. I broke up with Dave two times before our relationship “stuck.” When he got home after I broke up with him the second time, he told his roomate Matt that he was going to marry me. I know. We are so MFEO. And boy is he stuck with me now.

I hope you enjoyed these little factoids. I’m supposed to tag six people, but I refuse to put that pressure on anyone. Wait, actually I choose to tag DAVE. He needs to post something, so that will be a good excuse. Plus he is my fave. Even more than Jim, Justin, Ken, Cary, Hugh, Fitzwilliam, Fitzwilliam and England put together. Now that’s saying something.

  1. Joe

    Good – I for one am happy to get November behind us to see more posts on the Lesue blog (because, you know, December is usually such a slow month. Oh, wait.)

    I nodded right along with you on your #1, having both feared for my own life in Morocco, and having been used to hide at least a dozen contraband canaries under my legs at the Tijuana border crossing as a kid. I would always think to myself, “if we get caught, will I get put in a Mexican jail? Will I ever see my siblings again? Will my Dad come back and visit me when he checks on the paint job for our VW bus for the tenth time? Was he really serious when he said he was going to tell them I was Mexican and he just picked me up on the corner? Do they serve churros in Mexican jail?”

    Also, I enjoyed the point about the Basque toes. I had a roommate once who was almost as good as me at picking things up with his toes. In fact, we would play a game we called “monkey” where we would pick things (the grosser, the better) up with our toes and throw them at each other. Today my boys often feel the wrath of my Basque toes, although to them they’re known as “pinchy toes.”

  2. Dave

    Wow! That’s quite a list of men. And you didn’t even mention your documented crush on Jin from Lost.

    I accept your challenge. I consider myself tagged. I’ll start inventing some interesting things about myself on my lunch break.

  3. Holly

    You will never let me forget that will you.

  4. Kristen

    hey babe! i love this post… i love getting to know you better! i’m glad i’m not the only one with box crushes, actually it’s mostly movie guys for me and it’s just their characters i love, like can mr. darcey and i have an affair? please? ;) oh, i ‘m going to try to make it tommorrow. what time and can i bring food or anything?

  5. Kristen

    ps. i love your blog design~ as always. good job dave!

  6. Jon

    So you do stalk England, through its English hunk of actors. I don’t really think that. Quite a wide range of crushes from Asian to English. And you can never forget Jin. Hahahaha The site looks good Dave

  7. Melissa

    I totally forgot about your Bandstand appearance…thanks for the reminder. That was classic!

  8. Jody

    Chow, really? To each their own.

    Thanks for a vocabulary lesson. I feel smarter knowing what a Basque is.

    I like the design too. Good idea going with a more wintery theme as apposed to a holiday theme. You can get more mileage out of this one. Now no one will be annoyed with Christmas trees in February. Not that I was annoyed with jack-o-lanterns in December. I just heard some people might have been. But not me.

  9. Holly

    Um, I really shouldn’t admit this but I’m going to anyway. I didn’t mean Chow Yun Fat, I meant Ken Watanabe. Jody, your comment got me thinking so I looked at his IMDB page a little more thoroughly and noticed that Memoirs of a Geisha wasn’t listed as one of his movies. Then all of a sudden I realized my mistake, and that maybe I am racist after all since Chow is chinese and Ken is Japanese. Oops.

  10. Jiles Pfamily

    holly, i am so happy you guys are back. i kept hoping you would post a comment about how you are a synchonized swimmer.

  11. c jane

    My mother-in-law is Basque. How about that? It’s not everyday that you get to meet a cousin.

    Can I call you that?

  12. cori

    holly. fitzwilliam is my boyfriend.

    my sister in law is on her mission in england. she better come back with a rad accent.

    you make me want to watch notting hill.

    speaking of england i am obsessed too. have you seen the documentary on windsor castle? a-m-a-z-i-n-g. that queen really knows how to run things. i almost may ask for it on my christmas list. it rates right up there with shark week documentaries. it’s that good. and what did you think of the movie”the queen” i really really liked it. just for the things i learned.

  13. Brooke

    that’s so funny about jim from the office because listen to this, and i’m not just making this up: every single time i watch it [the office] i say out loud to no one: “jim reminds me of dave!”

    so it makes sense to me that you would have a crush on him.

    and your blog looks cute.

  14. David

    Welcome home you two. I am happy. Dave, you really need to get over this so called uber anti-blog stage of your life. You can do it. Holly– I can pick up things with my toes too. I didn’t notice it was such a unique gift until recently though, however, maybe I am not as good as you, and I have sub par toe skills. You will have to check it out on Sunday and see.
    p.s. I am neither Basque or Mexican, so I am not sure where the toe skills come from. My family is Italian mafia–maybe it comes from that…

  15. David

    I had a major run on sentence in that last one. ignore it. I am tired.

  16. chuckkewish@yahoo.com


    Well, a few little points of clarification are warranted here…1)the ability to pick up things with your toes is quite overrated, the human animal usually uses his/her opposable thumb evolutionary ability and lets the lower animals do the toe thing (and Dads shouldn’t pinch their kids with toes, either… 2)A trip to Morocco would be for most high school kids a trip to die for, even if the guy who tried to capture us did actually have shoes like in Ali Baba, with totally upturned toes, and there were only a couple of baby tortoises in your bag, and they don’t eat much, 3)I thought you were only about 5 when you went on Bandstand, and I liked your dance moves much better than your sisters’, 4)Of course Joe is totally exagerrating on the Mexico thing, we only had to check the paint job about 8 times, and they DO serve Churros in Tijuana jails, and there were only a couple of canaries, and they also don’t eat much, 5)the Brits are very overrated generally, you have been charmed by the accent like many other gullible American women, not even stopping to realize that it is their language and THEY can’t even figure out where to put the “R” and where NOT to to include it (there are so many examples, just think about it, or watch P&P again for the umpteenth time ;)



  17. Mom

    Our screen is all in Chinese, that is why we sometimes fill the blanks in wrong, i.e. above. (maybe you can fix it)
    Great post. Sorry to hear about the camera. The Kodak digital does take movies–but not with sound. The direction book is here, so call with any questions.
    BTW–some of your crushes, I, of course, knew about. :)
    Dave was smart and patient! Actually, he still is!

  18. Julie

    Hello! Those are completely interesting. I’m trying to think if there is anything interesting about me that isn’t embarrassing! Your family is so cute. I’m so happy to know you!

  19. John Holly Levi & Faith

    I love these random facts about you. Especially how you love pride and prejudice. The A&E one. When I saw it the first time I wanted to marry Mr. Darcy.

    I’ve never been to England and your post makes me want to go.

  20. courtneyb

    I was tagged and attempted it but found myself uninteresting, you on the other hand.

    1) Morocco!? The Italians are so racist against Moroccon’s, so I can only imagine how scary it was. The ones here are kinda creepy.
    4) Have Dave get some freelance jobs in England so you can start earning the pound and move there. After watching “the holiday” I totally want to move there as well.
    5) why not Jude Law?

    I actually stopped checking your blog for a while so it’ nice to see a new post ;)

  21. carol

    1. I also share your obsession with all things English. I even talked Gene into going on a non beach vacation about ten years ago there and he loved it too. I wold move there in a heartbeat. The girls have now been introduced to Mr. Bean thanks to getting the entire collection when we were in China and love him.
    2. Mr. Darcy…who dosen’t have a crush on him.
    3. I have to differ with dad and say that toe skills are quite higher up on the evolutionary ladder and are very very useful. Especially because when you are picking things up with your toes you are usually not even thinking about it and doing it subconsciously which leaves your higher level thinking skills quite free to multitask other things. Thus toe picker uppers are actually using more of their brain which leads to more brain building and bigger brains. (See, I knew that Master’s Degree in Psychology instead of Business would come in handy some time-Though Kristy is still Dad’s favorite for going after the MBA-Wait, maybe she was his favorite anyway…but I digress… Caitlin pretty much uses her toes to pick up whatever room I ask her to clean which I think is funny because I have never taught her that. Bridget never uses her toes. Hmm I will have to see if she got Gene’s pathetic toe picker upper lacking gene.


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