the traveler IQ challenge

This is a lot of fun: The Traveler IQ Challenge.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I scored 162,749 with a Traveler IQ of 91. Yikes.

I will now prepare myself to be throughly schooled by Dad Kewish, Joe, and well, everyone else.

  1. Holly

    My score was 185, 925 with an IQ of 93. It’s kind of hard when you are using a laptop trackpad. That’s my excuse anyway. Well, that and I don’t know African or Canadian geography too well.

  2. Holly

    Okay, I realize that it’s a little pathetic to be the only one playing and commenting on this post, but I’m getting addicted to it. My score this time was 257,094 on level 8 with an IQ of 100. Beat that Dad! Just kidding since you and Joe will beat everyone, I’m sure.

  3. Jonathan and Ashley

    I got 174,654 with an IQ of 92 and Ashley got 167,344 with an IQ of 91…maybe we shouldn’t travel to Europe or Brazil next summer :) I’m sure if we did it again we would get in the 200,000s :p

  4. Dave

    Ok Holly, I played it again and I got 277,717 with an IQ of 102!

    I know you’ll find this hard to believe, so here’s proof.

  5. James

    I’m officially playing along…my first attempt got me 186,571, IQ of 93. I’ll be back…

  6. Joe

    Fun quiz. I scored 448,512, IQ=120. But what’s up with getting frozen out of the last level?!?!? Plus, I assume it’s random, but four of my “famous places–easy” were in London, so my score might be artificially high. Of course, I kept clicking farther and farther from London, so whatever. I guess I shouldn’t have employed “just click the middle of Africa and go for the time points” in level 11. I vow to complete the quiz.

  7. Holly

    Um Joe, we wouldn’t know about “getting frozen out on the last level” because we didn’t make it past level six or seven. So you can go cry to yourself!


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