turning four

Our little girl turned four years old and Dave and I can hardly believe it. She had a pink party with a few friends.

Making a wish, which she does in a whisper into her hands

The four-year-old attitude

Gwen just observed the whole event

(thanks for taking pictures Brooke!)

  1. Tesoro

    Happy Birthday Inez! What a fun idea! I like that one MUCH better then the sleepover that Jo wants to have….eeek!

  2. Katrina

    She’s such a cutie. Gosh, she was a baby when we met. Before you were all-stars. Anyway, those cupcakes look yummy. And your girls are adorable. Are we going to Color Me Mine? Let’s arrange that. Does this comment ever end? Let’s hope so!

  3. Tracy

    How fun – LOVE that age! The conversations you can have at that age are totally priceless. :)

  4. Liz

    Love the pink cupcakes. I could go for one of those right now.

  5. Brooke

    phew. i’m glad the pictures were blog worthy.

    it was a fun day! we love ‘mez!

  6. cori

    happy birthday inez. maybe someday i could meet your little family holly! i am laughing at your comment on my blog. {fortune cookie}

  7. John Holly Levi & Faith

    Mmmmmmmm… Pink cupcakes.
    Those pink cupcakes look sooo delicious right now. Can I have one? I wonder how many WW points one is. Oh, who cares? I’m cheating today anyway.

  8. Jiles Pfamily

    happy birthday nezzie! we love you.

  9. courtneyb

    I was about to comment you on the good quality of your camera phone.

    cute little party and she has changed so much!


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