alright already

So we haven’t posted in a month. There are A LOT of excuses that I could give but I am just too tired. In fact that’s probably my #1 excuse as to why I have not been blogging. T-I-R-E-D.

Right now it is 10:09pm and Inez is still awake! (That is an exclamation point of frustration.) The movie Hot Rod is playing on our tv because the dvd is due tomorrow. It is SO stupid and needs to be turned off RIGHT NOW but I’m too tired. Actually the more it plays the lamer it gets, so I think I’ll be able to muster up enough energy to change it to Project Runway. What I really should do though is go to SLEEP.

Did I mention how very tired I have been lately? Just this morning I feel asleep on the couch and Gwen hurt her eye and it has been puffy all day. I think I am up for mother of the year. But honestly, I am kind of freaking out about how tired I have been lately. I have a doctor’s appointment in a few weeks (the earliest they could get me in) and I am determined to get some answers other than, lack of sleep, sugar, no excercise, etc. I know those are contributing factors, but I am more than just tired from too much sugar. Especially if the only sugar I have had in a day were a few (handfuls of) chocolate chips.

If you have gotten this far in this post then congratulations! Also, two things. One: you are probably so glad that “Buns of Steel” is not the first thing you see here (I know I am). Two: Since our camera is STILL broken I apologize for the terrible grainy-ness of this picture from my cell phone. But I ask you, how could I possibly resist taking her picture when she does stuff like this?

Okay, I have to go. It’s 10:45 and Project Runway is on. But I’m going to bed right after it’s over.

I promise.

  1. Mom

    Maybe she is just trying to tell you, “Mommy, I’m a Croc girl too.”
    Love it and aren’t you resourceful with the cell phone!
    Let’s talk…another thought on why you are SO tired. Did you ask Carol or Gene to check you?

  2. Holly

    I did talk to Carol yesterday and she said that I have toxins and to eat foods that will help to purge myself of them. I know that I’m not pregnant, so that’s something else to rule out. I’ll try and catch you tonight (our Thursday night, your Friday morning) on Skype or by phone.

  3. Tracy

    Very cute picture! Okay, I know you will have a lot of suggestions, but, are you dehydrated? What time do you fall asleep at night? I know how you feel, friend! It’s that can’t get off the dumb couch, keep your eyes open, or even move tired.

  4. Holly

    Tracy, I think I’m okay with water. I’m trying to stay away from soda and I drink at least two liters of water a day and I aim for at least three. I know that I get to bed too late, midnight being the latest, but I probably average 11 pm. I’m aiming for 10:30, but it doesn’t always happen. I’m open to any and all advice/suggestions so thank you!

  5. Melissa

    Yea! A new post! I’m sorry you’re tired, I hope everything is normal at your doctor’s appointment and you can just attribute it to being a mom to two active girls.

  6. cori

    holly. i am glad you posted and weren’t too tired to do it. i can totally relate to how you feel. i think just being a mom, wife, and all the demands we have just take it out of us. i am tired all the time. i usually treat myself to a nap with the 3 babies. and a diet coke. feel better soon. love ya!

    one more thing. everyone i know these days have mono. what is up with that? missionaries being sent home? i have heard. one of my young women had it. crazy.

  7. Holly

    i must have mono. that’s the answer!

  8. Julie

    HOLLY! I’m so happy you posted! I was beginning to think I would have to continue adding comments to your “old” post :)
    I hope you don’t have mono! Go tanning, get some vitamin D…I just couldn’t resist some advice. Love ya!

  9. Elizabeth

    Hi Holly,

    I have been waiting for an update :)

    Not trying to get rid of the border… when I scanned in those photos, there is a faint line down the center of each one. I ordered prints though that I got today and it looks like it is only a digital thing because there is no line on the prints! HOORAY!

  10. John Holly Levi & Faith

    Hmmmm…. I got nothin’ on the whole “tired” thing. I hope you start feeling better. I’ve been though that and although it totally SUCKS, exercise really does help and I agree with the whole toxins thing too. Everyone can use a good cleanse although I know people are weird about them. Isagenix is good, but HARD.
    You could just add lemon to all the water you’re drinking. It’s a natural detoxifier.
    Good Luck!!!

  11. David

    Holly- welcome back. I missed you and Dave. I think you are tired because it is winter. Winter is tiring because you are inside a lot and for me missing summer makes me more tired. Toxins sounds serious though, I would spread that around.

  12. Tracy

    Okay – Holly – maybe you are low in iron. Or maybe you are one to need 9 hours of sleep. I went to the dr. shortly after I turned 30 for the same reason. I thought for sure they were going to tell me I was anemic,or had thyroid issues, etc. But no – I was simply not getting enough sleep. It will be good to get everything checked for you too. Can’t wait for the update! By the way, I still don’t get enough sleep. I resolve to change that constantly. Maybe some day…

  13. Holly

    tracy, i am afraid that you are onto something. i’m 31 and i’m sure that is a big factor. and if they don’t find anything out at the doctor (other than getting older) then i’m going to start drinking red bull.

  14. Anonymous

    Holly…as your parents, we say, “NO, NO, NO,NO, NO on the Red Bull thing!” Then you end up worse in the long run. Well, we know you know that.
    BTW, having problems getting into your comments now. Hmmm must be a TIC thing.

  15. Holly

    mom, i am totally joking about drinking red bull. i’m sure that i would get major flack from dad if i drank that considering his feelings about caffeine!

  16. Anonymous

    yup, we thought so!


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