catching up

So whilst we are camera-less I figured I could catch up on a few posts that never made it to our darling little blog. Although as I review our iPhoto Album I am getting very verklempt while also realizing how difficult life is without a camera (I always think of pioneers when I say or think of things like that, but that’s another post and I assign it to Dave).

Anyway, I just may put Christmas dresses and jammies back on the girls so that I can try and recreate some memories. Not only did we have a Christmas sans camera, but I was also busy doing a million loads of laundry due to lots of puke and leaky, runny, dirty diapers that were a large part our Christmas season this year (yet another excuse that I won’t give as to why I haven’t been blogging). So even if we had a camera for Christmas, there wasn’t a lot to take pictures of. Well, not pictures that anyone would want to see.

In the meantime, here’s a fond remembrance from last summer (that’s for you Butlers because you just may be onto something with your theory about Winter making me tired).

Stay tuned for posts from the past that will be posted in the future for your present enjoyment.

  1. Jiles Pfamily

    holly i am so sad i couldn’t find a babysitter. today would have been perfect.

  2. Holly

    erin, i too am sad. although i did go to the gym and have a pretty good workout. after which i also ate four chocolate covered cinnamon bears. why do i do this to myself!?

  3. Jiles Pfamily

    at least you didn’t try the new “snack attack” at wendy’s (double cheese burger). SICK.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey, we remember that little one-toothed snagglepuss (Dad says that’s a mean thing to call her, but he’s the one who applied the term.) SO CUTE!
    Good idea…reach into the past for unseen pictures.

  5. Holly

    erin you have to watch (or re-watch) super size me, and you’ll never want to eat fast food again.

  6. Anonymous

    very strange…we can comment as anonymous but not with our name and Email now???? (see above & other post) aauugghh and we can’t read all the Chinese to see if there is a reason.

  7. Holly

    that’s okay mom, i know it’s you because you are one of the few people who comment on our blog! :)

  8. Anonymous

    You must mean family people…because I see lots of comments here, girl. :)

  9. Katrina

    I’m sad for you, being camera-less and all. Thanks for being the photog on Friday, though!

  10. Holly

    katrina, i’m glad i got to use your fancy camera to take a few pictures of your surprise party. hopefully some are decent.

    and it’s a good thing you guys have such a fancy camera or it might have disappeared that night.


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