Inez’s twenty-something Primary teachers spoke in church today and one of them opened with a classic story about our little troublemaker. As he was telling it, I remembered that I’d meant to post this story months ago—back when they originally told it to us. Anyway, here it is—aged a few months to comedic perfection.

Teacher: Is it important to choose the right?

Class: Yes!

Teacher: That’s right. It’s very important to choose the right. What happens if we don’t choose the right?

Inez: We choose the left.

  1. Anonymous

    Grandpa says, “Well, that’s a smart girl, that’s why she is my grand-
    daughter.” And, we know she was using her brain and not her spiritual senses (which we are not worried about because after all, she knows who the holy spirit is (from your earlier post)).
    This is good. Probably some grandparents in China will be telling it. :)

  2. cori

    that is too cute!

  3. David

    I loved how when the speaker said it, both David and I turned to each other and said “that had to have been Inez…” he told the story with such the perfect tone. She’s sooo cute!

  4. Liz

    Good one Inez :) .
    Holly, did I tell you I am teaching that age in Primary now. If I could only get them to answer any of my questions in class regardless of their answer, I would take it.

  5. nat

    I totally saw BWP, really I did.

  6. Kristen

    I KNEW it was Inez… I leaned over to clay when they said that and said “Inez!” and he laughed and nodded!
    I just love this girl! It’s been fun listening to the three in the back seat have deep conversations!


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