delegating inspiration

Dave and I have to talk in church next Sunday. We’ve been given the topic of “whatever we want.”

Any suggestions?

  1. Katrina

    I’d imagine a couple of all-stars like you should have no problem! I’d ask Covey if I were you.

  2. kristy

    i especially like the ‘good, better, best’ use of our time topic as of late. :)

  3. Jody

    I’m sure my Bishop would tell you NOT to tell a Christmas memory about how he found out about “YOU KNOW WHAT” at Christmas time. Because he did, over the pulpit, and it was total mayhem that Sunday.

  4. cori

    holly…tell him your sick with mono. and are too tired. seriously you are.

  5. Jon

    you should just tell a really long story and take up the whole time. jk good question. You could recap on a conference talk like Kris said but make it more personal, i.e. experiences etc. Why do you like good, better, best Kristy? Because it rails on soccer? :O watch out! Hhahhaa jk

  6. courtneyb

    well, Dave likes computer stuff and anything apple, so that’s a start for him.
    And you like reggae and crafts.
    I bet you guys could spend a sacrament meeting on “whatever we want.” That’ll teach Brother Bishopric a little lesson.

  7. Holly

    yes but then what will happen to our “all-star” status?

  8. Tracy

    Oh shoot, I’m probably too late – I really like the whole “we learn from every thing that happens in our lives… trials are for our good…. this is all a test” stuff. so, what’s the topic?!?!?

  9. Anonymous

    Okay, I’m dying to know what you chose for your topic and how it went. I am sure you both did great, especially if you told Inez stories. heh heh…in particular the ‘it’s no use’ one. (mom)


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