get me out of this snow!

It is yet another snowy day. And while it is beautiful and I’m glad we are inside instead of driving in it, I get pretty stir crazy. Plus this weather just makes me want to bake goodies and dip buttery toast into some Stephen’s hot chocolate (because sugar free Swiss Miss just doesn’t cut it). I need a break. Right about now I’d take a week in Southern California at Disneyland and the Grand Californian Hotel. I’m sure that would be four-too-many days for Dave, but I bet he’d rather be there for a week than here at work and in the snow. Am I right Dave?

One good thing about this snow is that I have Erin (our nature enthusiast) who is going to take us cross country skiing tonight under the full moon. I know that sounds like we are going on a romantic date. Well it is—a double date (she with her husband and me with mine. Am I right Dave?)

  1. David

    that sounds awesome!

  2. Anonymous

    Well, I would take cooped up in the snow any time if my ‘associates’ were this cute.
    (Grandma K/Mom)

  3. Dave

    You are right, Holly.

  4. Dave

    …about Disneyland and the date.

  5. Dave

    You were right about both.

  6. Brooke

    have fun tonight!

  7. Anonymous

    So, I hear you have found new muscles you didn’t know were there. :)

  8. Tesoro

    Ohhh!!! Go with us! We want out of this snow too!!!


    CUTE pic of Gwen!


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