growing up

You could say that she is now weaned from her bottle.

  1. Cherri

    Such cute little hands holding that can!!!

    Diet A&W is the ONLY diet drink I’ve tried that actually tastes the same as the regular. I should buy a ton now for my food storage.

  2. Brooke

    what is it with subsequent kids having their pick of soft drinks? i shunned chloe from them, tess freely sips all the time.

  3. Holly

    that’s better than saying “pop.”

  4. Jon

    Hey a girl after my own heart/taste. The only soda pop haha that I like and will buy a 12-pack is A&W Root Beer or Creme Soda

  5. Liz

    Just fill her bottle up with Soda and put her in her crib. She will probably be very happy and have rotten teeth by the time she is two. Just Kidding.
    It is very cute to see her little hands on the big can.


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