guilty and old

I don’t usually feel old, but on my actual birthday I felt it. So to counter the feeling old I decided that my Friday birthday would last through Sunday. A three-day birthday celebration!! And since Sunday would bring with it a little family birthday party it would be the perfect ending to my three days. My parents have been here for a few weeks (from China) and left Monday morning so we partied like it was (just another family birthday party back in) 1999.

By the way, have you ever had the chocolate cake from Costco? Well, this would be where the guilt comes in. I think I am responsible for eating a quarter of the whole cake. And while it may have been worth it, my body is now paying for it. I have had a serious sugar crash from that delicious chocolate thing. It’s actually worked out though because I haven’t had to go anywhere and I have been reading a really good book (735 pages) that I cannot put down. So being in my pajamas at 1pm has been okay in my mind since I have been reading.

One of the things that Dave got me for my birthday was a new pair of running shoes and the Nike+ iPod thing. It’s totally going to help me lose the 18 pounds that I gained from that evil chocolate cake. I’m never going to buy it again.

On a side note, we watched Becoming Jane for Valentine’s Day and I have a bit of a crush on James McAvoy. Then we saw 27 Dresses for my birthday and I have a bit of a crush on James Marsden. I recommend both of those movies if you are a girl.

Speaking of crushes, Inez talks about Troy Bolton (of High School Musical) all the time. She gave me a birthday card with his face on it and that plays a song when you open it up. She has pretty much taken the card back. This is how I found her that night.

  1. Katrina

    That picture is great. So funny that she took the card back!

    So, do you mean the round, 10 inch tall chocolate cake from Costco? Yeah, I’ve had it. Everyone involved was comatose afterward.

  2. Holly

    Yes Katrina, that is the cake. That heavenly evil cake.

  3. Anonymous

    Cute, and cute too is how she dances nonstop (along with Gwenie) to the music every time she opened it.
    We miss the entertainment factor for sure! (Mom & Dad K)

  4. Anonymous

    And it looks like we are in trouble…with the above English and preparing to teach English again. and…same here…aauugghh! (Mom)

  5. Brooke

    well, he is pretty hot.

  6. courtneyb

    let me know how those shoes work! Pretty much, test them out before i buy them, thanks.
    Did you ever get a heart rate monitor?

  7. Holly

    courtney, i’ll let you know. and yes i got a nike heart rate monitor for christmas (it was a really good price at costco) and have much more effective workouts now. i can’t believe how much of a difference it makes! and i’m going to start training with lindsey!

  8. Kelley

    James McAvoy is dreamy. I loved that movie. Happy birthday.


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