new found love

Do you see the abductor longus muscles? That’s is the sorest out of all the sore muscles in my legs and arms and back.

Thanks to Erin & Chaz I have sore muscles and a good reason to enjoy living in the snow.

As soon as I soak in some Epsom salt and apply a lotta Icy Hot, I’ll be ready to hit the trail again Erin!

  1. Liz

    Ahhhhh, I love sore muscles. I am hoping to get a few today at kick boxing. The snow looks so beautiful. How fun for you guys. Oh, by the way, be careful with the Icy Hot, I read an article the other day about people that overdosed on it and got very sick and one lady even died. You would never think that could happen with a topical medicine.

  2. cori

    it does feel good to feel the pain.and the fun you had i am sure was so worth it!!! just today cannon is hobbling around. he did like 600 jumpropes yesterday. for charity. for “jumprope for heart”. makes my heart feel good.

  3. Brooke

    it looks so lovely out there. and sore muscles are just the icing on the cake.

    (my thighs are so sore right now, too. but not from a fun, beautiful way… just from a stinky, under-lit gym.)

  4. Katrina

    pretty pictures! almost makes me want to take sleigh ride together with you!

  5. Jiles Pfamily

    hurry and get better we need to get up there again.

  6. nat

    Will you please let me come next time? Please?

  7. Beth

    Holly, I don’t know what to say about the skiing, but I do think you look very hip. I miss you! I am finally understanding all the analogies about Spring and a “new birth” after all of this snow in Idaho. I am a new woman. I can’t wait to hear the Reggae in the Summuh time!

  8. Holly

    nat, yes. you have to come because erin and i talked about BWP.

    beth, i break out the reggae in the springtime! let’s hope that this year that will be march and not april!


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