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When I was growing up, my family (those of us that were still living at home) had annual passports to Disneyland. The first year we had them my brother, Jon, was still two years old. He called Disneyland “Dis” and the nickname has stuck in our family. He also called Pinocchio, “Mock-y-doo” which makes a lot less sense. But since he was only two, I guess we’ll let it slide. By the way, I have no idea how to spell that, so I went the phonetic route.

Anyway, our little last minute road trip from last week was fun, tiring and quick. Inez, Gwen and I met up with the Cobb girls first thing Friday morning. Carol is one of the best people to go to Disneyland with. She’s got the insider tips and mad skillzzz. Without her expertise we would be wandering aimlessly and waiting in the long lines all day. So we are always happy when they accompany us to The Happiest Place on Earth. So here’s day one of our trip.

What’s up with our four-year old going on fourteen? It’s seriously disturbing.

Bridget and Caitlin on the Tea Cups

I told Inez to smile and this is what she did. When I asked her why she was doing that face she said because she was SUPER happy.

One of Nezzie’s favorite stops, knocking on the White Rabbit’s door

King Arthur’s Carousel was down while we were there so we settled for the King Triton’s Carousel over at California Adventure

We got really lucky and ran into Minnie Mouse as she was coming from behind the scenes. She grabbed Nezzie’s hand and took a little walk. Mommy loved it.

This was Gwen’s first character greeting and she was so funny and so cute. She wouldn’t turn to face the camera because she kept turning around to see Minnie.

And then she just wanted to hug Minnie and every other character we saw.

Gwen and I cruised around DCA while Inez and the Cobbs watched the High School Musical 2 pep rally. Inez was so bummed that the real Troy Bolton wasn’t there.

We all got very sleepy, but only a priveledged few fell asleep in the stoller

Probably no one besides Mom & Dad are excited to see the post on Day 2. Coming soon to a blog near you.

  1. courtneyb

    i love inez and her too cool for school look. gwen walks? i thought she was still a newborn! can’t wait for day 2! love d-land/dis

  2. Anonymous

    Yes…we love it. And, it’s even a ‘fourfer’ instead of a ‘twofer.’
    Fun, fun, fun…. (Grandpa & Grandma)

  3. Katrina

    The picture of Inez holding Minnie’s hand is PRICELESS! You could put it on a postcard and SELL it to Disneyland!

  4. Jon

    Actually it’s Machiadoo. I can pretty much come up with any spelling since I made the word up right. I’m pretty disturbed that Tom Sawyer’s Island isn’t called that anymore since that was James and my favorite places to play while we went to Disneyland all day by ourselves, starving, surviving on ketchup and relish. Hahhah Don’t worry Mom and Dad they were great memories. Too bad kids today can’t have that same kind of experience. I’m excited to see your next post. Man, you’re really on a roll since you got your new camera. But then again I already know everything you post since Ash and I live under you guys :)

  5. David

    I’m excited…I think the trip looked rad and for some wild reason when I read it I feel like I was there. I have wierd issues like that where I mix up my own memories with others’. It is a little awkward sometimes, but it makes for a great childhood. I did a lot!

  6. V.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your family trip looks so much fun, and your girls are so cute.


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