To all my fellow Project Runway fans,

Season 4 was so good, wasn’t it? I am sad that it’s over, but happy that I found this! Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous

    hmmmm…I tried to watch it, but I get this “Unfortunately this video is not currently available in your country or region. We apologize for this inconvenience.” Yup, we’re blocked here in the PRC. (Mom)

  2. Holly

    That’s okay Mom. You guys probably wouldn’t have understood or thought it was funny since you didn’t watch the show.

  3. cori

    HOLLY.. don’t hate me. i have never watched that show. ever. i click right pass it all the time. next time i promise. i am always watching for something better to watch. cnn lately. i know what is wrong with me. did you watch the special on michelle obama last night. she could be the next first lady, and i kinda like her.

  4. Holly

    Cori, you have missed out! I am all about reality tv. I’m kinda sad that the writer’s strike is over with the exceptions of 30 Rock, The Office and Lost.

  5. Brooke


    love christian. love project runway. i can’t read blogs anymore because i have to just google project runway things.

    (ps- i do a pretty mean tim gunn impersonation myself…)

  6. Brooke

    pps- cori, you need to forget about current events and watch project runway. i think it’s the best thing on tv.

  7. Anonymous

    Holly, FYI: sorry to use your blog for a personal message…this a.m. our Email is blocked…probably because of Tibet and news blockage here.

  8. Holly

    Mom, that’s okay if you use my comments as a way to communicate. You know how we encourage “comment padding” here on our blog.

    I forgot to mention on the phone tonight (your Monday a.m.) that you need to look for the movie Penelope. Dave and I just saw it at the theatre and it’s so good. Or I can find it when I’m there. Either way. By the way, you would like it!


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