happy are we

Finally. Now Dave can work at a more “normal” speed because of the larger processor and stuff that I don’t really know about or remember five minutes after he tells me.

Finally. I no longer have guilt or feel like I’m a neglectful mother because I haven’t taken pictures for months(including Christmas) of our growing girls and our family. I am now back to taking too many pictures of everything.

  1. Brooke

    that picture of you (which is fab, by the way) took me a minute to figure out… lens cap on, so it must not be in a mirror. but then your imac is behind you so it’s not photo booth… but wait, that computer is white and dave’s new one is silver…

    TWO computers?!? (aaron would be so proud.)

  2. Holly

    that white one is dave’s old one that he now refers to as “the toy computer.” he is such a snob.

    and there’s actually three if you count our laptop. we would never have made good pioneers.

  3. Brooke

    i think that same thing about myself whenever the power goes out.

  4. Dave

    I’m not a snob!

    Ok, I kind of am.

  5. Anonymous

    That looks like one serious computer, Dave! (Mom K)


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