our blue-eyed babe

Disneyland through a child’s eyes is the best way to experience it. Even very sleepy eyes.

A close runner-up to that would be winning a night’s stay in the dream suite inside the park.

So Cal trip report to come…

  1. cori

    did you win? is that what you are saying? and she is SUCH a doll.

    i can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  2. Holly

    i WISH we won that. can you imagine sleeping inside the park? that’s what i always dreamed about when i was little. the dream suite is right over pirates of the caribbean attraction. cool, huh?

  3. Anonymous

    Just what’s not to LOVE about that little neck, face, and expression???
    And, there is something awfully charming about those down-low rosie cheeks. (Grandma K)

  4. Brooke

    oh, i too thought that was a teaser that YOU WON!

    but gwen is so sweet. love the lips too and the cheeks.


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