our Easter events

Last week we went on three Easter Egg hunts. Inez was so happy that she’s got full-on flared nostrils.

Gwen caught on pretty quickly and actually says “candy” which I completely blame on Grandpa Kewish even though he’s currently in China.

We colored a million easter eggs with the Butlers and the Tracys (minus Jeff who was out enforcing the law)

Inez, Julie and Ashley

Dave Butler doesn’t get out much.

Apparently, neither does Inez or Kaylie.

Sharing the “ooh-ahh” Kewish tradition with the other kids and Buzz Lightyear.

Do you think that Inez was near the green/teal dye?

Easter morning, this was her reaction to seeing her easter basket.

And a bunch of shots of the girls outside after church. I was really proud of myself because I made their skirts and I only started the Thursday before Easter. I’m pretty sure that Dave got really sick of me fishing for compliments from him about the skirts. But I just LOVE how they turned out and I love the colors.

I love that they are doing the same thing here—besides ignoring the camera and their parents.

I love this one of Nezzie

Desperately trying to keep Gwenie in the picture

Happy Easter!

  1. Liz

    Love the skirts. Looks like you guys will be eating boiled eggs for awhile.

  2. Elisa

    Hi, I’m Erin’s friend, just had to comment on those darling skirts! That ric rack has my mind going crazy about next year’s Easter dress for my little girl, you’d get full credit of course. I hope someday I have another little girl for some reason matching sister clothing makes me so giddy!

  3. Summer

    OK. cutest skirts ever! I made need to hire you one of these days to make something for Brynn! Dying eggs looked like tons of fun! I love Easter!

  4. Brooke

    i love that you take pumpkin carving and egg dying to new heights.

    i always forget about those things. we had to dye our eggs on sunday. after church.

  5. Katrina

    I hereby commission you to make skirts for me and my girls.

  6. Holly

    Liz- it’s a good thing we are doing boot camp then!

    Elisa-thanks! The skirts were so easy, which was why it took only two days for me to do them! I (obviously) agree about matching sisters! It’s fun, hopefully you will be able to one day!

    Summer- next time you guys are invited too! And I’ll make a skirt for Brynn anytime.

    Brooke- dyeing your eggs on Easter Sunday is almost a sin but you are forgiven this time. Next time you are invited too.

    Katrina- I’ll make skirts for your girls if you’d ever meet me at the gym for our weekly date! You had me looking at the door every time it opened. It was a very ineffective cardio session and I blame you entirely.

  7. Katrina

    I know, I knew you’d be there and think I stood you up. My kids were puking and they don’t take kindly to that in the daycare. Next week for sure!

  8. Julie

    Holly, first of all the skirts were adorable! I was looking at Gwen in nursery wondering where you got such a cute skirt! Second of all thanks so much for having us over to dye eggs! It was so fun. Kaylie really liked dipping the eggs and doing ooh ahh she says!

  9. Melissa

    Kudos on the skirts, I love them! Your girls look so adorable.

  10. courtneyb

    so cute, perfect colors for easter and spring! Is it finally warm enough there to be wearing short sleeved tops?

  11. Holly

    no it’s not quite warm enough which is why they were shivering during our little photo shoot! it’s getting there though! hooray!

  12. Anonymous

    Ahhh, the pictures are ‘to die for.’ Also the dotted swiss fabric AND rick rack takes me back to the days of sewing for four little girls. We missed dying eggs and ooh-ahh’ing this year. (Mom K)


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