we’re off!

I must admit I’m not too fond of the idea of driving by myself with the girls to Southern California but, California is calling to us. Early tomorrow we will set off—as soon as I can get the car packed.

By the way, Inez has been telling anyone and everyone that we get to go to Disneyland. There’s often much squealing involved, on Nezzie’s part. And I must say that it’s pretty interesting to see the way adults react to an enthusiastic (to say the least) four-year-old talk about Disneyland.

We’re off to the Happiest Place on Earth.

should we stay or should we go now

So Dave has a business trip this week. This is his first business trip for this job (that he’s had for two+ years) and I’m not looking forward to being without him for three days. I guess this would be my first business trip as well.

His assignment is taking him to a photo shoot for Hannah Montana (wait for it) clothing.
The actual girl won’t be there so sorry. He won’t be able to get anyone any autographs. If she was going to be there, then I think Dave would be the favorite Uncle, hands-down.

This shoot is taking place in LA. Here’s where I come in. After they told Dave and he told me last Friday, Saturday morning I awoke with the most brilliant plan. Why don’t I drive down to So Cal on Thursday, take the girls to Disneyland on Friday (possibly with the Cobb girls) and then meet up with Dave Friday night at the White’s (as they were kind enough to not be bothered by us inviting ourselves to stay with them) and then go to Disneyland again on Saturday with Dave so that he can see Gwen freak out over Winnie the Pooh and take Inez on Splash Mountain himself. Then we would drive back on Sunday. It would be a super short trip, but there’s nothing that we have to be here for and we could get a teeny family vacation out of it without Dave having to take any days off work.

One con would be that I am sick. I should be better by Thursday, but then what if the girls get what I have and are sick at Disneyland? A pro would be In-n-Out Burger. I should make a real pro and con list, but my fingers are too cold to keep typing plus I think Gwen is eating cat food right now. See? Doesn’t she deserve a trip to Disneyland? I know I do, because I have no idea where Inez is right now. I don’t know how that qualifies me, but somehow it just does.

So which would you choose? This:

or this:

"heavily into"

I often get into one particular movie and it will wind up staying in the DVD player for a solid month. Right now my movie du mois is Becoming Jane. I know I recently gushed over James McAvoy after seeing this movie but if you’ve seen it, can you really blame me? And if you haven’t seen it, then come over right now! And bring some popcorn because another showing is just about to start.

Here is my favorite scene du jour and it gets REALLY good at minute 2:08.
So enjoy and you’re welcome.

P.S. So bummed that tonight we couldn’t find a babysitter because I want to see THIS MOVIE really bad. What?! James McAvoy is in that too!? My goodness! I had no idea.

P.P.S. The original title of this post was “obsessed” but I felt the need to change it so that I wouldn’t seem as crazy. This new title was an acceptable alternative from thesaurus[dot]com.