ben folds

After nearly six years of marriage, I felt like I did when we were dating last night as Dave and I went to the Ben Folds concert. I usually consider myself too old to do stuff like that, but when it’s good music it doesn’t matter if you are standing in the middle of 20-year-olds. We are so in love. And cute, if I do say so myself.

We went with our friends, James & Melissa, who were in town for a little getaway.

James kept it a surprise for Melissa that we were going to the concert together, so it was fun to see her reaction as we just happened to run into them at a restaurant in SLC. Dave and I had this big plan to walk up to them and say, “What are you guys doing here!?” Then when they asked us what we were up to we would casually say, “Oh, we are just going to the Ben Folds concert. What!? You guys are going too!?”

Instead, what really happened was that Melissa saw us in the parking lot as we were walking into the restaurant which caught us off guard, so we didn’t really say anything. Then James blurted out, “Surprise!” almost as if the pressure of keeping the secret had finally worn him down, after having carefully guarded it for so many months. I like to think that we were the best part of their trip.

So here’s our view of the stage. I always thought that Ben Folds was really good, but after watching him in concert I am in awe of him. I didn’t know that someone’s hands could actually play the piano as fast as his did/do. They are actually blurry! He is amazing. My new favorite song of his is Not The Same. It’s really good. So check it out HERE.

Thanks to James & Melissa for a fun time, and more great memories. Also, thanks for the pictures that I stole from your blog.

a little behind

This is one of my favorite pictures from my trip to China.

I am still lacking in sleep and tend to crash in the middle of the day and then stay up way too late at night so I’ve finally decided that I’m going to take Unisom tonight. I’m also trying to stay away from caffeine because I suspect that it does me more harm than good. I might as well just go back to China since my body clock is still tweaked because I am going through some serious shopping withdrawals.

I wonder what’s worse? Caffeine withdrawals or shopping withdrawals?

so, so tired

I am so dreadfully jet-lagged. I think I crossed something like 14 time zones. And everyone keeps saying that it’s much harder going east than it is going west—so I guess that’s good that I have yet another thing working against me.

Anyone want to watch my kids so I can sleep all day tomorrow?

They are really good and cute. See?

Any takers?

…that’s my mission

the night that pooh got the boot

That would be Woody or Jesse’s boot to be exact. Last night Gwen wanted Jesse and Woody to cuddle. Pooh Bear and Tigger were allowed in the crib, but left un-snuggled as she wrapped her little arm around “Desssiee” and “Hoodiee.”

I can’t help but feel sad that my baby—who isn’t so much a baby these days—is abandoning her baby toys for these older ones.

another laugh

Since we seem to be “into” commercials these days, here’s another one that I think is funny. I guess it was a Superbowl ad, but I just saw it for the first time at the gym the other day. Those of you who didn’t think “Berries and Cream” was funny, you’ll probably like this one.

I’m a little lad

Thanks to Jon, Holly and I can’t stop watching this.

leavin’ on a jet plane

So on Saturday I will be leaving the country. I will be on a flight for many, many hours. I don’t even know how to figure out how many hours I will actually be traveling. I just know it will be long.

So, I am planning on bringing some books as well as stealing Dave’s nano so I can watch a movie or show on it’s teeny tiny screen if the flight doesn’t provide me with anything I am interested in. I will also be in wonderful company traveling with Liz, my SIL.

My question for you, dear reader, do you have any tips or suggestions for me and my arduous itinerary?

*This will be the scene at the airport this weekend except Dave will be staying behind with the children and I’ll be boarding the plane. Also, we don’t have a dog.

little miss brainy

There are lots of things on your mind when you are only four years old.

Sometimes if you wear ginormous glasses, it helps.

an everyone’s got to have one thing

Holly, Inez, and Gwen,

Don’t bother asking for anything else this Christmas. You’ll all be getting Swing Wings from me.