A black Trans Am, a pink guy.

Holly loves Sixteen Candles. Loves it. Any time we stumble upon it, we watch it. This is an unspoken household rule. She can (and does) quote the entire film. I love this about her, don’t get me wrong. But it does seem a little bit strange to me. Is she alone in her Candles love, or are there others out there?

  1. Katrina

    No more yankie my wankie! The Donga need FOOD!
    I love Sixteen Candles.

  2. cori

    i heart jake. he is heartthrob of my entire life!

    got mawred? what? got mawrried.

    and the cake scene is by far every girls dream. cue the music.

  3. Tesoro



    HEE!! LOVE that movie! LOVE IT!

  4. Kristen

    I don’t love it…. sorry, I know it’s a “classic”. Good music though. Holly, can we still be friends? I just can’t watch Molly for long periods of time.. she bugs me.

  5. Tracy

    Classic movie that I can watch over and over and over again!! Love you Holly!

  6. Holly

    kristen, i will still be your friend. and you should give it another chance. you simply ignore molly and concentrate solely on jake ryan.

  7. Holly

    and i’m so glad that there are others out there that love it and can quote it.

    “lake…big lake!”


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