an everyone’s got to have one thing

Holly, Inez, and Gwen,

Don’t bother asking for anything else this Christmas. You’ll all be getting Swing Wings from me.

  1. cori

    i am crying laughing because of the coolness of the kid that rolled her arms at the same time. and hung upside down!

    i have such a headache too.

    i’ll take 2.

  2. Jody

    Don’t forget to buy the follow-up gift of a neck brace.

    And what was up with the elephant?

  3. Holly

    It’s a WHAT!?

  4. Holly

    And I love how the boat is moving on it’s own because of the kids and their swing wings.

  5. Katrina

    The biggest flaw of this otherwise brilliant invention is that it wouldn’t be any fun to use by yourself- you can’t see it! You would definitely have to use it with a friend whose parents were also rich enough to buy them one. And what if you didn’t have any friends? What good is a lone Swing Wing?

  6. courtneyb


    but those kids are pretty talented, I don’t think I could do the swing wing.

    so glad I grew up in the day of “skip its”!

  7. Liz

    Is it made out of a toilet plunger?

  8. Holly

    katrina, that is an excellent, excellent point. once nils’ song starts making the big bucks, you should buy us each one. then we can meet at the gym and make everyone else jealous. and no one will be able to correct our posture because we will be the experts!

  9. David

    Holly–I think there is a potential law suit here. I believe the Koreans invented the Swing Wing Thing 1000s of years ago…


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