leavin’ on a jet plane

So on Saturday I will be leaving the country. I will be on a flight for many, many hours. I don’t even know how to figure out how many hours I will actually be traveling. I just know it will be long.

So, I am planning on bringing some books as well as stealing Dave’s nano so I can watch a movie or show on it’s teeny tiny screen if the flight doesn’t provide me with anything I am interested in. I will also be in wonderful company traveling with Liz, my SIL.

My question for you, dear reader, do you have any tips or suggestions for me and my arduous itinerary?

*This will be the scene at the airport this weekend except Dave will be staying behind with the children and I’ll be boarding the plane. Also, we don’t have a dog.

  1. Tesoro

    Yes! GET UP and STRETCH! Do NOT forget to do that. Do it FREQUENTLY! Also, bring whatever necessities for make up or ways to wash your face in your carry bag. Nothing is worse than being on a plane for 12+ hours and not be able to do something like brush your teeth or freshen your make up.

    Make sure you have a jacket of some sort because if you get cold it is HARD to get warm again.

    ALSO…if you can get up and move to a row where you can stretch out a bit….DO IT!


    Have fun! Give mom and dad TONS of hugs for me!

  2. Holly

    Thanks Heather! I will do all those things, especially bringing something so I don’t get cold because I’m always cold! Thank you!!

  3. cori

    i have never been out of the country. never. well canada. that counts.

    have fun!!! you adventurous woman. where are you goin?

    love ya!

  4. Jody

    Yay for you! Where you goin’?

    Chewy Sweet Tarts (the micro bites) are a delicious treat for when you are tired of peanuts.

    And I love REAL SIMPLE magazine – one of the few I could read cover to cover (besides the Ensign of course).

  5. Holly

    I’m going to visit my parents in China.

    Jody, good thing you threw in your Ensign comment, because I almost thought you were a heathen.

  6. Ashley

    Both times I’ve flown to Europe, I have done this. Bring benadryl or NyQuil or something to knock you out. Take it about a half hour before you board the plane. Put in the foamy orange earplugs you can buy for under a dollar, bring a small pillow/blanket and find a row that is not full (if possible). Bring a pair of comfortable pants (like sweats) to change into after the plane takes off (trust me, no one will ever notice) and then curl up and relax. Before the plane lands change back into your normal pants, and freshen up. This worked like a charm for me.

  7. Brooke

    oh, holly. i hate long flights. but just think of how fun it will be. and think of all the alone time it is. maybe you need stacks and stacks of people magazines.

    (and maybe junk food will have to be a necessity…)

  8. Jon

    Is anyone else concerned that my wife goes into a Benadryl coma on long flights? That’s funny! The open row is where it’s at! I scored the back row on my flight to China and laid all the way out and slept. It was pretty cold though and being a man I just toughened it out but you know, it wasn’t pleasant. Have fun! Get lots of stuff for Ashley and I. Just Kidding…kind of hahahha

  9. Anonymous

    Holl, Ashley is definitely onto something with trying to sleep…you will hit the ground (hopefully) at approx. 9:30-9::45 AM our time in Beijing.
    Your body clock will be confused as it is…. Of course, you can sleep here, but on the other hand, you aren’t coming here just to sleep. If you can power through until Monday evening or night, that will help. Oh, what fun we’ll have!

  10. courtneyb

    “Pillars of the Earth” is a really long book. But I suggest sleeping so that you aren’t AS tired when you arrive in the morning in a different time zone.
    And please be sympathetic to people traveling on the long flight with small children because that will be me in June.
    I have to sound a little lame and say go easy on the treats because they always make me feel gross and sitting and doing nothing for that long of a period doesn’t help the gross feeling.
    trashy magazines for sure.

  11. courtneyb

    oh one more thing, I hope your bringing some American goods for your parents. it’s such a wonderful treat when we have company and they bring us packets for ranch dressing, taco seasoning and peanut butter m&m’s. just to name a few.

  12. Anonymous

    Also, Heather is right about getting up and stretching…if I don’t do that occasionally my feet and ankles look like balloons by the time I land. Also as she said…the staying warm on the plane is not alway€s easy so be prepared for that as well. Then, if you could learn Chinese on the way over on the plane…that would be good. :)

  13. Julie

    Dude, I hope you have a blast!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited for you! And if you can learn chinese on the plane then you are a freakin genious! Ha!

  14. Natalie

    I’m so jealous. Of the shopping, and your alone time, but mostly that you get to see Mom and Dad. Give them hugs from us here in Virginia. Good luck with that flight. I hate just going cross country.

  15. The Aspirant

    I am VERY jealous of your upcoming adventure. I wish I could go too!! All I know is to stay hydrated because it helps with the jetlag and don’t check your watch every 10 minutes because I swear time stops when you are traveling overseas – grrr!


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