A black Trans Am, a pink guy.

Holly loves Sixteen Candles. Loves it. Any time we stumble upon it, we watch it. This is an unspoken household rule. She can (and does) quote the entire film. I love this about her, don’t get me wrong. But it does seem a little bit strange to me. Is she alone in her Candles love, or are there others out there?

anti-oxidants are good for you

Gwen would live off berries if she could. And if she did, she would probably live a long and prosperous life.

i heart dave

Since Dave totally called me out this morning for a lame post for his birthday where I promised more but never delivered, and accused me of loving James McAvoy more than him (an obscene exaggeration). So I decided to make this little ode to Dave.

I love you Dave. Thanks for being the best husband, and such an amazing father to our girls. I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone but you.

Not even James McAvoy because we—you and me—are so MFEO.

more to come later

I was reading a few of our old posts this morning when I stumbled on the brief—seemingly temporary—birthday post that Holly wrote for me on my birthday. In it, she promised that there was “more to come later.” I searched through all the other posts since then and wasn’t able to find this “more” that she mentioned. Hmmm. I did find her ode to James McAvoy though. So, that’s something.

ten o’clock snack