so, so tired

I am so dreadfully jet-lagged. I think I crossed something like 14 time zones. And everyone keeps saying that it’s much harder going east than it is going west—so I guess that’s good that I have yet another thing working against me.

Anyone want to watch my kids so I can sleep all day tomorrow?

They are really good and cute. See?

Any takers?

  1. Anonymous

    We’ll do it, we’ll do it! :)
    But, wait, you would have to drag them through 14 time zones. (Do little girls get jet lag? Or just big girls? Just wondering.)
    Love Mom and Dad (Gr&Gr K)

  2. Katrina

    I would, but I’m probably too w.t. Sorry. Love ya!

  3. Holly

    Mom, well you guys would be my nuber one choice. Hey maybe you could watch them while I go shopping some more…??

    Katrina, too true.

  4. Dave

    I’ll do it.

  5. cori

    holly. i would if i could girl!!! its so frustrating this blogoshpere. i can’t live through the darn monitor… drives me crazy.

    get rest. and i can’t wait to hear about your adventures..

  6. Holly

    dave, you already did yesterday. you should probably stay at work. but if you want to come home, i won’t argue.

    cori, i wish you could crawl through the monitor! it would be fun to visit!

  7. David

    you know we’d love to!

  8. Brooke

    i told ya to take a nap while you were here…

    bring them whenever you want. i think gwen and i had a breakthrough with her letting me feed her pbj’s and all.

  9. Julie

    Holly!!!! Welcome home friend! How are you? Dumb question, besides tired? If I would have seen your blog I would have taken your girls. I’ll bet you are completely wiped out but I hope you had a blast! I know Dave really missed you! I asked him how they were doing without mom and his response was, “not good”.

  10. Anonymous

    Well, yes, of COURSE, shopping. And, preferably here. Then you would have to do all the bargaining by yourself…but I think you are up to it! (Mom)

  11. Liz

    Holly, I feel your pain. I am sick of waking up at 4 am and then feeling so tired at 3 in the afternoon. I think we better just go back to China. I need more sizes of dresses for Tori and I think I want to try the Julianne camo capris. I just don’t want to try them on in their make shift dressing room.

  12. Anonymous

    Okay Holly and Liz…keep the faith…you body clocks WILL get back on. But, then, how would you know since your schedules leave little rest time to begin with? :)
    So, Liz, you don’t like the sheet- held-up-to-partially-block-you-from- the-maddening-crowd dressing room?
    Love Mom


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