ten o’clock snack

  1. Holly

    that little sneak got out of bed when i was in the shower!

  2. Anonymous

    :) Man, I would get out of bed most any hour of the night for strawberries.
    (Actually, they do have really yummy strawberries. And, the Chinese Dr. who just inflicted great pain and suffering on my body in his effort to heal me…even though I am not sure I really had anything to be healed of…so, why would I need to be painfully healed/ I ask. And, as Dad says, “And, you paid for this?”
    Anyway, I digress…he said I should eat lots of fruit, as well as drink only warm or hot liquids–NO COLD!
    (Mom K)

  3. abbyandcompany

    Hi Holly,

    I hope you don’t mind me checking your blog periodically, but this is so so adorable. I love when she says, “Thanks Dad.” Too cute.

  4. courtneyb

    that is so priceless. I love her whispering to Dave. How could you get mad at that?

  5. cori

    OH MY. that was the cutest thing. i almost want to cry! i love her. and she is such a doll. “thanks dad.” ok so i learned. i will never yell at my kids again. i am now going to crawl under a rock and hide.

    i needed that. thanks dave.


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