the night that pooh got the boot

That would be Woody or Jesse’s boot to be exact. Last night Gwen wanted Jesse and Woody to cuddle. Pooh Bear and Tigger were allowed in the crib, but left un-snuggled as she wrapped her little arm around “Desssiee” and “Hoodiee.”

I can’t help but feel sad that my baby—who isn’t so much a baby these days—is abandoning her baby toys for these older ones.

  1. Julie

    I still think of Gwen being Ashley’s age. She is turning one in two weeks! Oh, that berries and cream starburst video is psycho! And hilarious!

  2. Brooke

    i know i say this all the time, but she is SO cute. i almost can’t handle it.

  3. Liz

    I know, they grow up too fast. I almost bought Tori her first doll today at the store. We were cruising down the aisle and she said, “baby” and was pointing at a doll on display. She got so excited when I handed it to her. I thought no way should a baby be into playing with baby dolls. But I guess she isn’t a baby anymore:(. Maybe I will have to dig out my old cabbage patch doll for her.

  4. Jiles Pfamily

    she is so cute and she is growing up so much!

  5. Cherri

    Look at that skin!!! And that face!!! She is to die for.

    It is so sad when they change…but then I fall in love with the next stage too. It is never ending I guess.


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