hard at work

My name is Gwen and I like to work on the computer. I get a lot of work done when I’m holding a balloon in one hand.

more proof we are good parents

This girl is often found on the floor in the kitchen after she has gone into the pantry, found the Costco size bag of raisins and then plopped down on the cold, hard floor to eat them.

She thinks it’s pretty funny when she gets caught.


If you live within driving distance of our home (which would technically include both North & South America so I don’t want to hear any excuses) you really need to come to our garage sale on Saturday, May 31st. It will be the most amazing garage sale you’ve ever or never been to.

Email me for our address:

you know you’re a bad parent when…

your daughter walks into the room with a potty seat around her neck.

At least I can take comfort in the fact that it’s clean.

shape shifters

The other night, while reading The Spiderwick Chronicles, Inez and I had the following exchange:

Inez: Dad, what’s a shape shifter?

Dave: It’s a person that can change into somthing else—like a fairy. It’s just pretend though, it’s not real.

Inez: How do you shape shift?

Dave: I don’t know, maybe you say “I wish I was a fairy, I wish I was a fairy, I wish I was a fairy.”

Inez (thinks for a moment): I wish I was a horse, I wish I was a horse, I wish I was a horse.


So after a long period of prayer Dave decided to leave his current employment and just as he started to apply and interview, someone called his current employer for a reference (even though he asked them NOT to contact them). His boss then found out and looked a replacement for Dave. They found someone who will start a week from Wednesday, so Dave was told that his last day is a week from today.

I am having a hard time with everything, and Dave is too. We both have good days and bad days and luckily we have been able to pretty much balance one another out. And although we know that this is ultimately a good thing, it’s still pretty hard to deal with.

But I am running through so many emotions and keep coming back to being so angry at his boss for treating Dave so poorly after all that he has done for this company. Sometimes I see the need and feel the desire to forgive him, but I’m not there yet.

I did take my aggression out on this floor the other day. I swept and swept, then swiffered and swiffered and swiffered. Then I took about five years off my knees as I scrubbed it clean on my hands and knees. HANDS AND KNEES PEOPLE!! I think I used about ten buckets of water mixed with approximately an entire bottle of lysol.

After Dave gets a new job, I will get myself these Crocs for the next time I have to clean that floor, as it was quite cathartic. For now, no one is allowed in the kitchen.

And I have been reading this really good book a friend let me borrow.

It’s actually a book on marriage called, “Scriptural Keys to a Celestial Marriage.” But the whole first chapter is on forgiveness and I feel like it’s been teaching me a lot. Now I just need to apply what I’m learning to my life. Why is this part so hard?

Anyway, there’s a bit on what’s been going on with us lately. Any advice or words of wisdom would be most welcome.

What would you do?

these days

we can be found trying to make a lot of this: