If you live within driving distance of our home (which would technically include both North & South America so I don’t want to hear any excuses) you really need to come to our garage sale on Saturday, May 31st. It will be the most amazing garage sale you’ve ever or never been to.

Email me for our address:

  1. Anonymous

    Drat…I guess that leaves Dad and I out and you know how you father loves a good garage sale. Mom

  2. Holly

    mom, actually that’s okay because we’re selling all his stuff so he probably wouldn’t want to pay for it.

    by the way, dave told me to make that comment, so it’s actually coming from him.

  3. Anonymous

    Dad says tell Dave that he has been married into the Kewish family too long–he has too quick a wit. :)
    …actually, I think he always had one.

  4. Summer

    What a good idea! I have so many things I keep telling myself I need to clean out of my house that we don’t use any more. I guess I am lazy and just the thought of having a garage sale overwhelms me!

  5. Katrina

    I’ll come if it’s being held in a warehouse, like the one pictured.

  6. Holly

    summer, it has been very overwhelming for me! thanks for having inez over to play, it helped tons! you must have been inspired.

    katrina, what if i told you that it IS going to be held in a warehouse, just like the one pictured that looks exactly like our front yard? would you come then?

  7. Beth

    DANGIT! Fo’ou totally would have driven there if he knew, and I would have gotten to vist! (And shop!) How was it?

  8. Julie

    Dang, I missed out on the festivities! I would have come, hope it was a good one for you!


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