shape shifters

The other night, while reading The Spiderwick Chronicles, Inez and I had the following exchange:

Inez: Dad, what’s a shape shifter?

Dave: It’s a person that can change into somthing else—like a fairy. It’s just pretend though, it’s not real.

Inez: How do you shape shift?

Dave: I don’t know, maybe you say “I wish I was a fairy, I wish I was a fairy, I wish I was a fairy.”

Inez (thinks for a moment): I wish I was a horse, I wish I was a horse, I wish I was a horse.

  1. Anonymous

    Love it! That’s SO Inez.
    Love, Grandma K

  2. Holly

    I know. As you know, she loves “anything with hooves!”

    What Dave didn’t mention was what she did with her hands as she was wishing she was a horse. She put her arms up—like a puppy begging—and pointed her hands down—I guess like a horse does, in her mind.

    Then the “horsie” laid down in her bed and got the blankets placed over her and went to sleep. Maybe we should use the shape shifting tactic every night on our little night owl!

  3. Liz

    I wish I could be a shape shifter. But I don’t think I would be a fairy like Dave or a horse like Inez. I think I would be a, well actually I don’t know, but it would be some kind of really cool super hero mom that could do everything at once and have a body like Jillian Michaels.

  4. Holly

    Liz, I would shape shift into a shopper in China.

  5. carol

    I wish I was rich! I wish I was rich! I wish I was rich! Do you think it will work?

  6. Holly

    Carol, I think you are onto something.

  7. Julie

    Man, that’s funny! I just love what the little kids have to say! Have you read Kaylie’s latest on our blog at least your child is wishing she’s a horse and not screaming profanities because dinner isn’t quite what she hoped it would be…

  8. debgodoy

    Hi there. How’s it going. Great blog. -Ramon (A stranger from a long time ago).

  9. Tracy

    Friggin cute!! I wish I was skinny, I wish I was skinny….


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