you know you’re a bad parent when…

your daughter walks into the room with a potty seat around her neck.

At least I can take comfort in the fact that it’s clean.

  1. cori

    very funny. love ya!

  2. Holly

    cori, i miss you! i feel like we never talk anymore since i can’t comment on your blog! :)

  3. Katrina

    see, you’re not a bad parent, because at my house, that bad boy would be dirty.

  4. Cherri

    You are a good parent because you take pictures so you can remember all these funny moments. I need to do more of that.

    **side note
    I think I’d prefer crepes in Utah, after eating at Cafe Rio or any number of the great food establishments only available in Utah.

  5. Anonymous

    ah ha…it’s clean because you clean it and she isn’t using it yet…oh wait…wasn’t she p.trained a year ago last April 1st? :)
    Love, Grandma K

  6. Holly

    katrina – well, you do shop at walmart with all those people who think their babies are “butt-hole” (not a typo). i don’t know what that has to do with anything besides the fact that we love that story.

    cherri – cafe rio alone is worth a trip to utah.

    Mom – we actually decided to potty train her the chinese way. she wears nothing and relieves herself all over the house. that’s okay, right?

  7. Anonymous

    Okay, you are funny, girl.
    And, no, I think you have to carry her around with her cute little bare bottom sitting right on your forearm or in the crook of your arm and somehow know when it is time, and then take her outside to the grass or curb and help her right there in public.
    Oh, wait, I think you and/or Liz experienced knowing how to tell when you held those babies for a photo on Tiananmen and at the Lidu while you were here.
    The positive side–just think of how much $ you will save in diapers.
    Love, Mom

  8. Julie

    Haha, I think I’d take the potty seat any day over the profanities some people’s kids use!


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