our anniversary

Even though our official anniversary is July 5th, we took advantage of being in Southern California where my sister was able to watch my girls so Dave and I could sneak off for an early celebration.

We grabbed some dessert at Blue Bayou and enjoyed the ambiance.

Our traditional picture.

And as usual, I beat Dave at Buzz every time we went on it. Sorry babe!

We really got into finding Hidden Mickeys while we were there. It was a lot of fun. These two were found on Pirates of the Caribean.

Disneyland with your kids is a lot of fun. But Disneyland without your kids is an entirely different experience. It was so much fun. It was like a date on steroids. We decided to try and go once a year without them. Maybe that makes us selfish. Ok.

Thanks so much Carol for making it possible for us! You are the best, and I totally owe you!!


Thanks to our friends we will be staying on The Enchanted Island next week.

And Dave and I are going to The Happiest Place on Earth without our kids for our sixth wedding anniversary.

I am excited.

can you believe it!?

My husband is a web designer.

Our blog has snowflakes on it.

It’s June 25th (and we live in the Northern Hemisphere).

(Should Northern Hemisphere be capitalized?)

My husband was also an English major.

It seems as if no blame can be placed on me at all.

i spy

Earlier this evening Inez was outside playing “I Spy” with Dave. She spied something red but much to his dismay, Dave couldn’t find it anywhere (we love beating our children at any game we play, we feel it builds character). Finally he gave up and she told him that it was “the sunlight filtering through his earlobe.”

She also thinks this snow lady looks like me. I guess because you can always find me wearing a scarf over my hairdo (that I just had set at the salon), and a choker of pink pearls.

I think I spy Jackie O. And I’m sure she wasn’t as good as I am at Candyland.

On another note, the girls had a new babysitter this afternoon and the poor thing had to change a stinky diaper (hopefully it wasn’t too scarring for her and she’ll come back). When I went to change Gwen’s next diaper, the one the babysitter had put on was backwards. I had a good laugh as I tried imagine how she could even do that! I’m trying to decide if I should tell her or not. Thoughts?

inez and photo booth

It’s just too much fun.



Bringing in a little culture with some Pop Art

This is the “my parents are first cousins” look…

and here is my identical twin

Wishing she was in Paris, as always.

tornado head

comic book

Her signature rolled-tongue look

But I don’t need to tell you how cute she is in real life.


Dave and I had a good laugh when we found Inez like this the other night. I just want to know, how sould someone possibly fall asleep like this?

sew fun!

Ok, that is the cheesiest title, but I’ve been doing a little sewing for the girls for the Fourth of July. Super easy skirts with elastic waists seem to be my specialty as I am not very skilled when it comes to following patterns. With these (and the Easter skirts that were similar) I just measure the length, (from another skirt they already have), measure their waists, finish some edges and voila! Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

James & Natalie, you guys really do need to move back here so that Natalie and I could sew together, just like James always used to joke about. Although Nat you are much better at sewing than I am, so you could teach me your mad skillz. And the guys could be in the other room watching the kids and making sure they stay out of the bird heroine.

did you know…

That Dave and I are so in love? Someone pointed it out to everyone else in the room the other day. He asked us how long we have been married (almost six years!) and then told everyone else that they need to be more like us. Actually it was a little embarrassing, but he was right. We are so in love and we are so MFEO. See?

This one’s our personal fave

We are so in love, we glow.

our little cutie patootie

Is there anything cuter than this girl in pigtails?

Always longing to be outside exploring with her big sis.

do you see what i see?

Everyone says that we look alike. Some people say that there is no doubt as to which mother she belongs to. A few who knew me when I was her age say that she looks exactly like I did.

I’m beginning to see it.