Thanks to our friends we will be staying on The Enchanted Island next week.

And Dave and I are going to The Happiest Place on Earth without our kids for our sixth wedding anniversary.

I am excited.

  1. Dave

    That is a great photo of you. (I’m excited too!)

  2. Holly

    Thanks. I think my forehead looks abnormally large and I don’t even have the “stretch” effect on in photo booth. Go figure. I never knew that I had an abnormally large forehead.

    Forehead looks really weird to me right now.

    Forehead. That’s funny.

  3. Anonymous

    Congratulations and HAPPY 6TH!!!
    And, we promise we won’t tell Inez and Gwen….
    Well…at least I won’t.
    Love, Mom

  4. Jody

    So fun for you! Happy Anniversary!

    Two things:
    1. When at DL it will be hot. You should make a trip to Joe’s Italian Ice (Harbor and Lampson). So yummy! Beth will support my suggestion.
    2. If you need a ride, I am SO your gal!

  5. Holly

    mom, we just need to make sure that dad doesn’t spill the beans!

    jody, we were wondering if you could pick us up from LAX and drive us to coronado. that’s not too out of the way, right? :)

  6. Beth

    WAIT! WHEN ARE YOU GOING?!!! I’ll be in California July 10th through the 15th. We are driving down and wanted to stop and see you!!! I’ll call you. Happy Anniversary! (I want to be the first to wish us this year!)

  7. Brooke

    you’re cute. have fun!

  8. Julie

    How fun! I don’t think your forehead is abnormally large! I don’t think anyone else thinks that either. Congrats on the anniversary! Ours is coming up soon!

  9. Jana



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