Dave and I had a good laugh when we found Inez like this the other night. I just want to know, how sould someone possibly fall asleep like this?

  1. Adam

    I think its great that she has nicely lined her shoes outside the door. And may I add how cute they are.

  2. Adam

    Oops, that comment came from jana.

  3. Holly

    I am such a mean Mom because I don’t really like those shoes, we had to buy them for a dance class last fall and she was always wanting to wear them (and she has other shoes that are much cuter). Well, the other day she rediscovered them and wore them to church but she kept taking them off because they hurt her. I am secretly happy that she doesn’t want to wear them anymore.

    So, Janie can have them if you want.

  4. Anonymous

    And, she didn’t even have her ‘bad’ babysitter home. I still remember how we found her sleeping (all hooked up) that one time. She is too funny!

  5. Sarah

    That looks just like Gigi! She sleeps on the floor half the time, completely surrounded by toys. She plays and plays until she passes out.


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