i spy

Earlier this evening Inez was outside playing “I Spy” with Dave. She spied something red but much to his dismay, Dave couldn’t find it anywhere (we love beating our children at any game we play, we feel it builds character). Finally he gave up and she told him that it was “the sunlight filtering through his earlobe.”

She also thinks this snow lady looks like me. I guess because you can always find me wearing a scarf over my hairdo (that I just had set at the salon), and a choker of pink pearls.

I think I spy Jackie O. And I’m sure she wasn’t as good as I am at Candyland.

On another note, the girls had a new babysitter this afternoon and the poor thing had to change a stinky diaper (hopefully it wasn’t too scarring for her and she’ll come back). When I went to change Gwen’s next diaper, the one the babysitter had put on was backwards. I had a good laugh as I tried imagine how she could even do that! I’m trying to decide if I should tell her or not. Thoughts?

  1. Jana

    i think the ‘head’ looks like you too, but because of the big red lips. And do tell the babysitter about the diaper. how uncomfortable to have the big back end of the diaper in the front. poor thing. i made your tacos tonight and pigged out. good thing they are low in fat and cal.

  2. Jana

    by the way, where is that thing?

  3. Julie

    I’m laughing my head off about the backwards diaper. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one, maybe she just had Gwen lay on her stomach to change the diaper instead of her back?

  4. Cherri

    Next time the babysitter comes tell her that you got NEW diapers. The nice and easy kind that velcro in the front.

  5. Sarah

    I was never a big babysitter -I don’t think I even changed a diaper until after I was married! Ashamed as I am to admit it, I too had trouble figuring out which way was front. I think I did it right in the end though. Man, how did my kids survive this long?


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