inez and photo booth

It’s just too much fun.



Bringing in a little culture with some Pop Art

This is the “my parents are first cousins” look…

and here is my identical twin

Wishing she was in Paris, as always.

tornado head

comic book

Her signature rolled-tongue look

But I don’t need to tell you how cute she is in real life.

  1. Julie

    Okay, those are great but comic book looks more like the grudge! Have you seen that movie? If not you won’t get it….Anyway, I miss you guys what’s up?!

  2. Holly

    Sorry, I haven’t seen the grudge and can say with total confidence that I never will because I NEVER watch scary movies. I even plug my ears and close my eyes tight when previews come on in the movie theatre.

    We are going out of town in a week, but after we get back we need to hang out!

  3. Anonymous

    Well, it looks like the ‘apple doesn’t fall far from thee tree.’
    (Grandma K)

  4. Anonymous

    oh dear, I mean ‘the’ tree, of course.

  5. Melissa

    You guys have way too much fun with that thing.


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