sew fun!

Ok, that is the cheesiest title, but I’ve been doing a little sewing for the girls for the Fourth of July. Super easy skirts with elastic waists seem to be my specialty as I am not very skilled when it comes to following patterns. With these (and the Easter skirts that were similar) I just measure the length, (from another skirt they already have), measure their waists, finish some edges and voila! Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

James & Natalie, you guys really do need to move back here so that Natalie and I could sew together, just like James always used to joke about. Although Nat you are much better at sewing than I am, so you could teach me your mad skillz. And the guys could be in the other room watching the kids and making sure they stay out of the bird heroine.

  1. Katrina

    very cute. where do you get your cute fabric?

  2. Holly

    i got it from joann fabrics.

    and yes. with or without kids?

  3. Natalie

    SEW cute! I’ll be cheesy too so you don’t have to feel bad. That fabric is darling. Isn’t it great to only have to buy a tiny bit of fabric and be able to make something so cute out of it. I don’t know if I really have mad skillz. You’re too nice. Like you, I pretty much only make things with elastic waists these days. They are the only things simple enough that I know I’ll make time to finish.

    So, since it doesn’t look like we’re moving back west anytime soon, I think we should plan a sisters getaway and sew and do girlie stuff and pray that the kids don’t get into that bird heroine that you mentioned while we’re gone.

    I love those red sandals by the way.

  4. Liz

    The skirts turned out cute. Good job.

  5. Brooke

    sew cute!

  6. Jana

    Hey goober, could you help me make an elastic waisted skirt for me, hee. Really I want to make some for Janie.

  7. Ja-mez

    When we were talking about heroin the other day in class all I could think of was BIRD HEROIN. The only question is do you classify it as a schedule I controlled substance?

  8. Melissa

    Those are adorable, I will be envious in Coronado.

  9. Julie

    Holly, I do think your skirts are adorable! And I liked the cheesy title :)

  10. Anonymous

    Love the skirt…know a cute blouse that might go with it. Also, love those cute little shoes and ankles.


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