a first for this mom

A few weeks ago, Inez shut her finger in the car door after we got to Maceys (the grocery store—not the department store and not a typo). So instead of turning around and going back home, I decided to take her in and get her an ice cream cone to distract her from her pain while at the same time walking around with a bag of frozen raspberries on her finger—Mother of the Year award comin’ my way for sure.

There were many tears (hers) and many mini prayers of gratitude that the accident wasn’t worse (mine—I don’t do well with blood). As a result, her fingernail died. The last few days it was just hanging on by a thread (of skin? Is that even possible?) and I was so afraid that it would get ripped off by some sort of four-year-old activity because after all she did have five of her cousins here with whom she was constantly swimming with, catching bugs with and getting into mischief with—think getting free gum from the ice cream man while Grandpa was watching them. She also wouldn’t keep a bandaid over it. I tried once and when I discovered that the bandaid was off, I asked here why she removed it to which she replied, “Um…it was just feeling a little bit better, so I took it off” in her high voice and coupled with her smile that is just sweet and innocent-like.

The day it actually fell off, we were saying our family prayer that morning before Dave left for work and as Dave was prompting her with what to say (she is fully capable of praying on her own but refuses) he said something about her fingernail getting better. Well, she didn’t like that, so during the prayer she whispered back to him, “I don’t want it to get better, I just want it to fall off!!” Needless to say that when she discovered it had fallen off she was ecstatic. When I discovered it had fallen off (because I had stepped on it) I was relieved that it wouldn’t be something for me to have check on every few hours anymore. As the title implies, this is a first for me.

Another thing to remember about this adventure was what she said to my sister while looking under her nail (in her most cynical voice):

Inez: My Mom’s a liar.
Kristy: Oh? Why is that?

This girl is so funny. If you don’t know her, you should. This is a picture of her nail a day or two before it finally fell off. I love her expression here—she just saw a new clippie in her hair and got really excited about it.

How I love this girl. She is my heart, my Nezzie-girl.

  1. Liz

    Sick, I got the chills reading about it. Then when I saw the picture I really had the chills. I don’t do well with nail injuries or thinking of them bending back or scratching chalk boards. Yikes!

  2. Brooke

    i love when you write lots. i love this and you’re nezzie girl really is one in a million!

  3. Jana

    its ok inez, your mommy lied to me too.

  4. Holly

    that’s low jana. low. however, i think the blame needs to shift over and onto dave. after all it’s because of his work that we can’t go as planned.

  5. Becky

    I slammed Kaitlin’s arm in the door on her first day of BYU preschool!! It’s not fun to turn over your tear-stained, injured daughter to the watchful and judging eyes at the “Lord’s university” :) and to feel like an abuser for the rest of the day. I feel your pain. I’m glad that Nezzie was OK!

  6. David

    I think you did it on purpose…but that’s just me. Oh, and Jenny thinks it too. Good thing she won’t see this post–ever, maybe– so you will live your whole life wondering whether she really thinks that about you. How awful to live life like that Holly. You should really see soemone about it.

  7. Melissa

    It finally bit the dust. I wonder how that feels to have no nail. Hopefully her new one will grow in soon.

  8. Kelley

    Holly, you should know–I think the reason I read this blog is because I get such a KICK out of Inez’s commentary. She’s incredibly witty. And I don’t even know you or her. Am I weird?

  9. Julie

    I love Inez! She is a keeper, too bad about the nail but at least she wasn’t freaking out about it falling off. And technically she was right, you are a liar. There wasn’t a nail under the old one yet, it had to grow in :) Haha


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