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Inez: why do you have to wait until you’re eight to get baptized? Why can’t you get baptized when you are one?

Dave: Well, I guess it’s because you don’t really understand what baptism is when you are one—you just don’t know enough yet.

Inez: Dad, I know about everything! …except tarantulas.

Dave: Really? How do you know everything? Where did you learn it all?

Inez: Dad! Swimming lessons! Preschool!

Dave: Right. Right.

Inez: Dad, do tarantulas have little hands at the end of their legs?

Dave: …

  1. courtneyb

    that is so cute. She is a clever girl.

  2. Joe

    If you really want to freak her out you can say, “no Inez, not hands, but two sharp hooks.” Then show her this picture:

  3. Holly

    that is freaky. she already made me promise that we can check out a book about tarantulas the next time we go to the library. hopefully we can find a kid friendly book and nothing like that picture!

  4. Holly

    ick. i’m still creeped out by that photo.

  5. Jody

    I need to send my kids to your swim lessons.


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