sesame STREET

  1. Jiles Pfamily

    that is AWESOME!!! i love ernie. thanks for the good laugh. i am going to come over soon for fruit leather, k?

  2. Holly

    Dave actually posted this one, not me. I hold Sesame Street (old school, like with Mr. Hooper and no Elmo) very near and dear to my heart, and messing with it is a bit sacreligous to me.

    However, this IS pretty funny. Who knew Bert and Ernie had it in them?

  3. Jana

    do bert and ernie still have the worm living in their window box? its been a long time for me. my poor kids, its on during nap time and I dont mess with nap time.

  4. Katrina

    That was amazing. Thank you.

  5. James

    I sit down with Natalie sometimes and search YouTube for short clips of whatever show she is into at the moment…so many of these "parodies" pop up, it's incredible. Just search "Dora the Explorer" and you'll see what I mean. Now we just have to figure out who has more street cred…Bert & Ernie or Dora?

  6. Beth

    I wonder if anyone would be interested to know that Holly and I claimed ourselves as “Bert and Ernie” in 7th and 8th grade . . . Holly? I miss you!!!

  7. Holly

    james – i just watched Dora and Spongebob on YouTube. I think I’m gonna have to give it to Bert and Ernie, they move better and it’s probably due to the fact that they are 3D. But those were some funny videos. The BEST song adapation I have seen anywhere has been this one:
    walk it out

    although I don’t know if that is better than the original:
    Bob Fosse

  8. Holly

    beth, i’m not sure we want to be sharing that kind of information with anyone.

    but it is obvious that we knew how cool bert and ernie were way back then.

  9. James

    Holly – that fosse song adaptation is pretty crazy. I love that so many people have the time to put these things together and keep us entertained. And, I agree, the 3D factor helps put Bert & Ernie over the top.

  10. Jody

    And I am now wondering why I wanted to be like you and Beth?

    But you are so right Holly, old school Sesame Street is the ONLY Sesame Street.

    And the worm’s name is Slimey. He’s Oscar’s pet.


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