Happy Anniversary to us.

Here’s to many, many, many more.

  1. Holly

    Also, Happy Anniversary to the Makaafis today too!

  2. Jana

    celebrating at the blue bayou, now thats a good time. even though i hate the food im really jealous, that would be fun and romantic. its amazing that theres a theme ride in there and still its so peaceful and quiet. im ready to go.

  3. Jana

    hey, what are the buttons for?

  4. Holly

    the buttons are lame-o anniversary buttons. i mentioned to someone there (at the b.b.) that it was our anniversary, so he gave us buttons. so i felt like we had to wear them, but we took them off right after. i’m surprised that dave hasn’t photoshopped them out of the picture!

  5. Dave

    they will be gone within the hour. hmm… let me change that to a more realistic “within the week.” Happy anniversary, babe.

    …by the way.

  6. Katrina

    happy anniversary, you crazy cats!

  7. Jana

    oh, uhmmm…..i kind of like the buttons.

  8. Julie

    Happy Anniversary you two! I’m glad you got to go on a trip with just the two of you, how fun!

  9. Brooke

    yes. happy anniversary! four days late.

  10. Tracy

    Yay! Happy Anniversary! You know, if you left those buttons on, you would have gotten the bestest treatment!!! Cute couple. Holly, you look great!

  11. David

    I like the buttons. I don’t see what the big problem is…I am usually just thankful for things people give me. But that is just me…
    p.s. Happy Anniversary from the two of us.

  12. Brooke

    you know, i have never eaten at that restaurant. just giant turkey legs while i’m walking around.

    and tigger tails.

    and ice cream shaped like mickey’s head.

    and churros.

  13. Brooke

    and frozen lemonade.


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