too much fun

We have been back from our vacation for a week now and Inez is in seventh heaven with all the cousins that are here. My sister Kristy is visiting with her family. One thing that has been a big hit with all of them has been photo booth. Check it.



Dad is channeling a Norwegian Troll here (he is norwegian after all).

Mom accidentally drank the water while they were in China and grew a few extra facial features, including extra pupils.

My brother Joe was in town for a little over a day, so he had to join in the fun as well.

Kristy, the 1980’s called. They need their hairstyle back.

Kristy’s first, Tainui. (insert your own joke here)

#2 Tasman will be a football player when she grows up.

#3 Tama with a heart-shaped head.

#4 Teina, the cyclops.

#5 Tui sucked on a helium balloon.

Uncle Jon has a forked tongue. And we still need to get Aunt Ashley to join in the fun!

It’s now a new rule to partake in a photo booth session when you come to our house. So come on over!

  1. Jana

    i thought you would never ask. taz looks just like kristy and i cant believe how big they all are. fun!

  2. Holly

    jana, i can’t wait to see you and adam do this. you guys will love it!

  3. Tracy

    I wanna play!! Chip and I got a good “chuck”le from this – especially good ol’ Bishop Kewish!! (lame and cheesy, but couldn’t resist!)

  4. Julie

    Haha those are great!!! When Jeff and I got married we did that to our facial features on our wedding announcement and handed those pics out to our singles ward. No one dared to tell us our pictures were not quite right! Ha the joke was on them :) After a couple of weeks we had one person come to tell us that something had gone wrong with the printing of our pictures and we looked retarded!

  5. Brooke

    i’m there. you know how i love a good photo booth session.


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