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When we were in California last month, my sister, Carol, took our family pictures down at the beach. She’s just starting a new photography business in Southern California (based in Oceanside) and is working on building her portfolio. So if you are near here area and are interested in using her, click here for her website and here for her blog.

And good news for those of you in Utah Valley, she will be here for a few weeks this month (I think Aug. 16th through the 28th) and if you are interested in booking a session with her, then let me know. It will be an amazing deal you won’t want to pass up.

Here’s a little sample of her work and a few of my favorite shots she got of our family.

This is my new dream location, by the way. There are a whole row of dream houses on the beach here.

I love Nezzie’s expression and how her emotion goes straight through to her toes in this one.

I cannot believe how the girls have identical hair color. I mean, it makes sense because they are sisters, but it’s just odd how it is exactly the same. When Inez was Gwenie’s age, she was so, so blonde. I guess that’s why it’s odd to me.

Tender. Still in love after all these years.

The beach! I miss it.

  1. Nate and Kelly

    cute family pics… you’ve inspired me– i want to book a session for sure!

  2. Jiles Pfamily

    okay deal, you by a house with a basement and we will rent the basement. cute pics. you are all so photogenic. i am ready to blade! when can you go?

  3. Summer

    wow! Love the family pics! My favorite is the one of the girls sitting on the beach!

  4. Brooke

    i love the beach and miss it too. and having a photo session at the beach with my family is like my #1 dream ever. lucky.

  5. Julie

    I love your pictures! How fun! I miss you guys and we’ve only been gone for what 2 weeks, pathetic!

  6. Katrina

    Love them!

  7. The Aspirant

    Love the pictures especially the last pic of you and Dave and all of the blue gate pictures. Your girls a gorgeous!

  8. Kelley

    Lovely. All of them. You guys look great.

  9. David

    totally interested! your pictures are so stinkin cute.

    p.s. jenny not david, i just hate signing in and out…

  10. Tracy

    Great job, Carol – love those! I especially love the tilt of Inez’s (sp?!) head when she’s sitting with her baby sister on the sand. That is SO sweet!

  11. Beth

    Oh those are wonderful!! I love the blue gate with the pink dresses. Adoreable!!

  12. cori

    dear cutest family,

    can you get any cuter?

    i mean…for reals. i loved these…

    thanks for sharing.

    love, cori

  13. Melissa

    So pretty! I’m glad I finally got to see them.


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