four going on fourteen

A conversation in our home this evening went a little something like this:

me(gushing with pride): Nezzie, tell Grandma why your drawing is cut in half.

inez: Zack couldn’t find his drawing at the end of class the other day, so I cut mine in half and shared with him.

grandma k: That was so nice of you Inez!

me: Zach is on of her good friends in preschool, right Nez?

inez: Um, excuse me? He is my BOYFRIEND!

me: Um, excuse me? You cannot have a boyfriend until you are 16 and you can’t get married until you are 25, remember?

inez: Uh, I do have a boyfriend and you can’t stop me.

me: …

I was left with my mouth agape, my Mother laughing, and a flash forward of me in ten years with a head full of gray hair.

  1. Mom/Grandma K

    It was the hand on the hip and the flip of her head and hair that accented the attitude so aptly portrayed in the picture you posted!
    I loved it…however, if I were her mother with visions of her in 10 or 12 years, I might not have thought it was quite so funny. :)
    She’s a hoot!

  2. Brooke

    she’s a feisty one!

  3. Melissa

    The things these kids say, that’s so funny.

  4. Jill

    I love it! Inez is great. If Zach is going to have a girlfriend, I’m glad it’s her! Let’s just hope they don’t start kissing anytime soon…:)

  5. Sarah

    I friend of mine caught her 5 year old kissing a boy in the hall at church. When she got after her for it the daughter said, “It’s fine Mom! I’ve kissed him before!” Yikes! Good luck -I’m not looking forward to this with Gigi.

  6. Beth

    She cut her drawing in half? She cut her drawing in half??? I am almost in tears over that!!

  7. Karissa & Mik

    oh my gosh! i can totally see her saying that! we have a blog now so im searching everyone out!

  8. Tracy

    Oh my Holly – my oldest is 13 and we still haven’t heard anything like that come out of their mouths – I’d say you’re in for it!!

  9. Natalie

    I love it. She cracks me up. Sammie made a few similar comments a few months ago but hasn’t since. I hope we’re in the clear… for now.


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