frockly! frockly? frockly.

So Dave (my most talented and amazing husband) has started a little side venture. It’s a t-shirt company. He just started with a few designs for BYU football, and well since it has just started so that’s basically it…for now. We are just trying to get the ball rolling to see if it goes anywhere before it expands to more designs and more schools.

So this is the point where we are putting our trust in you, our blogging friends and BYU football fans in particular. Please feel free to spread the word (actually that’s what we are hoping for).

So check it out.

  1. David

    That is soooooo cool!!! We’re totally buying one or two or three or four or five…do they come in kids sizes?

  2. Holly

    we are looking into that. we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

    should dave design one about that kicker everyone keeps talking about?

  3. David

    the kicker does have a rather large family…


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