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Dear Readers,
There’s this nerdy web design conference contest that I’d like to win called the Golden Ticket and in order to enter, I have to get at least 25 comments on this post (from 25 different people) by October 1st. Will you do me a favor and comment on this post? You can just say “Nice Post” or something. Thank you!

  1. Holly

    because i love my nerdy web designer so much, here’s my comment.

    and i’ll leave you another later…if you know what i mean.

    just kidding mom and dad.

  2. Cherri

    best post ever…and i’ve read a lot of posts.

  3. Joe

    I vote for you to win the golden ticket.

  4. cori

    go dave and holly! lots going on at your place.

    good luck!

  5. Summer

    I want to win too! Good luck!

  6. Bro Heber

    Bwwwwhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *Brown Note*

  7. Mom K

    Go, Dave, Go!

  8. Design Dork

    You really should tell everyone what you’ll win. I think that would solicit more comments – especially from your team. :)

  9. Tecia

    I missed Inez today. Hope all is going well at your new home!

  10. David or Jenny

    cool! what’s a golden ticket? holly – you’re dirty.

  11. courtneyb

    what do you win?

  12. Denice

    ok, so heres #13.

  13. Nancy

    You have a blog? Cool! Well, I hope you get your “golden ticket”.

  14. Jiles Pfamily

    hip hip hooray for the golden ticket

  15. Katrina

    you rock the hizzle foshizzle, dave lesuizzle!

  16. Elizabeth "Betsy"

    I don’t think I would ever have described YOU as a nerd! Good luck getting your golden ticket, and do you mind if I linger on your blog?!

  17. James!

    Hey good luck winning that golden ticket.

  18. Tonster

    I want a golden ticket :(

  19. Brad McCall

    Makes me want to sing the song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… “I’ve got a golden ticket…” (You should see me dancing and jumping about right now)

    I’ve been to one the the FOWA conferences (Miami! Yah!) and if you don’t twitter, consider yourself NOT a geek. Oh, and wear a hat, those guys like their hats.

  20. Brooke

    are the jiles trying to cheat?

  21. Tracy

    I’m still laughing Holly – Good Luck Dave!

  22. JamesnMeagan

    Good luck!

  23. Dad K


    The golden ticket is, of course, much sought-after, so it might be a bit elusive, but hang in there, and I am sure that you will win it — but then the next question is, where is Crosstown Station? Or, maybe you don’t really want/need to redeem the ticket at all — I don’t know….hmmm

  24. James

    Best of luck…

  25. [AnnieR]


  26. Liz

    I was going to comment but then I saw you already had 25 and I would be the 26th. But then I decided to comment anyway to wish you luck, so good luck.

  27. Natalie

    So I see that you already have 26 but thought I’d show my support anyway. Good luck.

  28. Nate and Kelly

    hope this helps!!

  29. Holly

    thanks everybody for helping out with dave’s nerdy web design contest.

    it’s nice to know that our blog is actually read/checked by our friends and family!

  30. Julie

    I want a golden ticket, hey by chance do you and Holly want to go to the next football game?


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