our gwenie girl turned two

A few facts about Gwen.

She is obsessed with shoes.

I realize that it is not unique for a toddler to be interested in shoes. However, she not only is constantly wearing someone else’s shoes around the house but when she finds a pair that belongs to you, she’ll bring them to you and insist that you put them on. Even if you already have some on. She is determined with this task. And there’s no explaining to her that you already have some on. If you refuse to participate there is usually some high decibel screams that will ensue.

She also likes to accesorize.

She has been known her mark wherever she goes.

She’s creative when it comes to needing a boost.

She often gets into some tight spots.

She’s got the hang of Photo Booth.

She is a Daddy’s girl, through and through.

She knows how to get dressed up for a party. And while everyone is busy singing, sneaks a taste.

She’s also figured out how to get two different birthday parties. And therefore, two cakes.

She aspires to be like her big sister, “Nez.” Even if the backpack dwarfs her.

She always remembers to say hello to Maisy when we are at Target. She never forgets and her greeting often lasts for aisles and aisles and grows louder and louder the farther we get. She is such a good friend to Maisy.

We couldn’t be more in love with this little blithe spirit,

who also is pretty tenacious at times.

We are so blessed to have her in our family.

  1. Holly

    Gwen is the best!

  2. Dave

    Whoops. Gwen is the best!

  3. Karissa & Mik

    oh my the pictures on the beach are darling! you look so gorg! i love it!

  4. Brooke

    she hurts my heart she’s so cute. happy birthday gwennie girl!

  5. Katrina

    Happy Birthday, cute little girl!

  6. Denice

    happy bday gwen. cute pics too.

  7. Tracy

    Oh my goodness, I love this little girl and I have never even met her! Great post!

  8. Nate and Kelly

    hooray for 2 year olds! happy birthday little gwen… we love you!

  9. Amber

    happy b-day, gwen!

  10. Grandma K

    Gwen is definitely charming and entertaining and she wears ‘two’ very well…just love the cutie-patootie!

  11. Kelley

    A sweet tribute. She is beautiful. And I love the name Gwen.

  12. Summer

    Happy Birthday Gwen!! She is so adorable!


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