the first day of her second year of preschool

me: Dave, would you take a few pictures of Inez on her first day before we leave?
dave: Sure!

ten minutes later…

me: Did you take some pictures?
dave: Yeah, I got some really good ones.

the result…

It’s just a bit alarming that he actually thinks that “got lots of good ones” when in reality he took four and one works.

  1. Tesoro

    Your talking about the first one right? Cause I think that one is probably the best. Oh but that one with her holding her knee is pretty good too!


  2. Jana

    they all work because she looks cute all four. i do love the one where she is doing a little “jig.”
    we do lots of those around here.

  3. Melissa

    Well, Nezzie looks cute no matter what, I love her dress.

  4. Brooke

    i guess you’re talking about the last one.

    although really, all are so cute. you’re going to want to remember her just as she is– full of personality– and not perfectly posed.

    love her! love you!

  5. Beth

    They all said what I was going to say, so I’ll just say this: (still nothing.) She is so beautiful though.


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