utah state fair

The girls and I went to the State Fair with Grandma & Grandpa Kewish.

We encountered a tough old goat,

a diary cow with attitude,

and a goose that nearly pecked my eyeball out.

Inez was so excited, that she was “crowing about the Utah State Fair.”

We found some amazing agriculture,
(four little punkins all in a row)

the sunflower graveyard,

garden fresh tomatoes,
(it took every ounce of energy in my body to keep myself from diving onto the table and devouring every last one of these bad boys)

some crooknecks that got me excited for the fall,

and even some veg with attitude.

If you know me, then you also know of my great affinity for a pumpkin with a great stem,

lovely (at least it once was) summer corn,

a small tray of beauty,

and a rogue carrot.

There was a meltdown (or three or four),

some tractor racing,

(Even Grandpa got in on the action. Being a farmer is his dream job, after all.)

and more crowing about the Utah State Fair. This time it was Grandma and Gwen. They were just too excited to hide it.


Inez was on cloud nine riding the pony, Crystal.

And later a visit to see the horses.
Look at that determination on her face. “I will have a horse someday.”

And since they don’t live underfoot, I just may consider that. Someday.

You can get cheap horses at the pound, right?

  1. Katrina

    Will she have a horse in Paris?

    She’s super cute.

  2. Holly

    yes katrina. she will. i wouldn’t expect those who shop at walmart to understand the world of horses and paris (france, not hilton. i would expect someone who shops at walmart to understand the world of paris hilton).

  3. Natalie

    Looks so fun. Our VA state fair is in a week or so. I hope they have cool stuff like yours. Especially pony rides. I better not show Sammie this post or she’ll expect it.

  4. Natalie

    Oh, yeah. What’s up with that carrot?!

  5. A and L

    inez looks so beautiful! bring her to see me sometime. i AM her best friend, after all.

    p.s. did you see that i am going private? i need your email asap. unless i already have it.


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