best blog on the block

I have to say that this blog I stumbled upon has been so inspiring to me and it gives me an increased desire to be crafty. In our new house I will even have my own little craft nook and it will be my happy place. Anyway, this blogger Kathleen Dougherty of Grosgrain makes amazing clothing and then gives it away. Now she’s opening a shop and I hope that she offers these skirts because I love them. So my fellow crafty ladies (or men), check her out.



During church on Sundays, Dave (our resident artist) will sometimes draw pictures for Inez. She tells him what she wants him to draw and he does it. It’s usually Noah’s Ark and has many different animals depicted. This Sunday she asked him to draw a unicorn. Then she asked him to draw a unicorn stabbing someone.


Here’s a shot of the exterior of our (old, but new to us) home. We hope to have some after pictures up soon.

Our Saturdays and (some) evenings are spent working over there so that we can move in by the end of the month. We’re pretty excited.

three things of note

1. These characters got into trouble and ended up in a line up. I discovered this scene after Gwen’s nap. I’m not exactly sure what happened for them to deserve this sort of treatment. But I do know that you shouldn’t mess with a two-year old. And even though Pooh Bear, Maisy, Tigger and Blue may look innocent, I assure you that they are not.

2. Gwen climbed (and fell) out of her crib last night. At least that’s what our babysitters are telling us. We’re not going to press charges and they better thank their lucky stars that we are related or there would be H to pay. Also, since Gwen is just only two and can’t nark on the babysitter(s) yet, we’ll have to take their side of the story. We might have to bring in a few character witnesses for more evidence. I know Jesse the Yodelin’ Cowgirl was present as well as Sock Monkey. The above characters were also present, but with the previous questionable treatment by Gwen, I may be inclined to believe that they somehow encouraged her to climb out. This may have been a simple uprising of the surpressed fluffies of the crib.

Most importantly, we just want our babysitters to know how so grateful we are for their help these past few weeks while we are trying to get our house ready to be moved into.

(no picture for #2)

3. My family is a pretty darn good looking family. And that’s just a simple fact that everyone has to deal with.

And just because I can never stop with (posting or taking) only one.

P.S. Can anyone tell me what “there will be H to pay” is from? It’s driving me CRAZY.

P.P.S. Some people who think I’m still a bit obsessed with belly buttons will be happy to know that I did, in fact, notice the belly button on Maisy in the first picture. It will give them strength to their argument.

random thoughts on a friday afternoon

1. I am currently in LOVE with Adele and her song “Crazy for You.” I am crazy for it, I am crazy for her voice and I’m crazy for her (she’s British, so it’s not suprising that I love her). Just push play and listen as you read this post. You will love it. If you don’t love it, then I’m sorry you have such horrible taste and I’m breaking up with you.

Also, her song “Chasing Pavement” should be in a Bridget Jones movie.

2. My excitement for the Fall season has worn off a bit today because I have been freezing and my toes and fingers have hypothermia.

3. I really, really, really want to be moved into our new house already. Really.

4. Why didn’t I win the $10,000 giveaway at IKEA?! That would make our remodeling a cinch. I’m really mad at IKEA about it, even though I still love it deep down.

5. I am sad we sold my car and I really miss it. Am I too materialistic?

6. Why is Inez obsessed with “Maaw-ffa Stu-whet” a.k.a. Martha Stewart? (more on this later)

7. How in the world am I going to help Dave figure out his Halloween costume for work? All I have so far is that he will be wearing brown or olive-green tights, and he doesn’t even know about that yet.

8. Dave wants to get AppleTV when we move instead of cable or dish. Would it really be better and cheaper? The jury is still out on this one.

9. I’m trying to sell our double jogging stroller so that I can upgrade to a BOB. Am I too materialistic?

10. Why does it take Inez SO LONG to eat her food? Doesn’t she know all the fun she is missing out on while she sits there for AN HOUR at the kitchen island?

11. I feel like snuggling down with the girls to watch Ichabod Crane and drink some hot cocoa.

12. I love Gwen’s two most common Halloween words, “Cumkin” and “Neskin” for pumpkin and skeleton, respectively.

13. Tonight will be night #3 where I have to put the girls down while Dave is working on freelance c-r-a-p (out of the home), trying to finish up a project that has been going for over a year. It’s supposed to be done tonight and if it’s not someone’s head will roll.

14. What can I do to motivate myself to read the Book of Mormon? And why is this such a struggle for me? Is it because I’m too materialistic?

15. Inez just ate the caramel off her caramel apple. If I knew she was going to do that, I would have just given her a little bowl of caramel. It would have been a lot less trouble for both of us.

16. Gwen will not nap for me today. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! Okay, not really. But it is a bit frustrating.

17. I am so cranky and tired these days. I don’t know what my problem is and if you ask Dave, he probably won’t deny it. That’s how bad I’ve been.

18. Why is that show The Doodlebops on tv? How is it on tv? Who pays for it to be on tv? Who likes it? Who writes it? Why? I’m so puzzled.

19. I bought really, really cute fabric today to make a quilt for Gwen’s new room. Her room is orange and almost everyone thinks I’m crazy for doing that. But I really like the color so I hope that this quilt will tie into the color of her room well.
Previously, there have been two sad and unsuccessful attempts involving myself and quilt pieces. It was not pretty. This time around, I have hope, a pattern and more sewing skillz. So wish me luck.

Cute, huh?

20. Happy Birthday to Erin J. and James W., two of our favorite people.

*Update on Gwen’s nap rebellion: she is fast asleep. Hallelujah.

sisters, sisters

Those of you who know me well, know that I am a classic movie junkie. With this self-proclamation, it is a bit embarrassing for me to admit that I never watched White Christmas (all the way through) until just a few years ago. It happened to be around the same time that Inez got her little sister.

So every now and then, in moments such as these:

I find myself humming this song.

And I love that there are a lot of those moments.

delicious, delectable, dangerous.

The last few days have been perfect fall weather for these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They are so easy to make and very low calorie. Thanks for re-introducing them to me Brooke. Actually, I’m not so sure I should thank you as I have made two batches in two days.

Also on the menu this last weekend were crepes. We recently began the tradition of devoring these for the Sunday morning session of General Conference. Thanks to Kristy for serving your mission in France, for learning how to make these and sharing them with all of us. And thanks to Vaughn for helping me with the actual execution of them. After 15 years of Kristy’s, he knows a thing or two about crepes.

My fave is powdered sugar with freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can also see a little nutella on the fork because a close runner-up is nutella & bananas. As Liz would say, “THAT ONE IS MINE!” in her best robot voice.

All in all, it was a pretty fattening weekend. But what’s new?

my heart

I cannot even express how much I love this girl.

“Is choc-it Mom!”

The usual suspect, Grandpa Kewish, supplied her with the spoon from the brownie batter and she went to town.

She has us wrapped around her little finger.

How could we not be?