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I have to say that this blog I stumbled upon has been so inspiring to me and it gives me an increased desire to be crafty. In our new house I will even have my own little craft nook and it will be my happy place. Anyway, this blogger Kathleen Dougherty of Grosgrain makes amazing clothing and then gives it away. Now she’s opening a shop and I hope that she offers these skirts because I love them. So my fellow crafty ladies (or men), check her out.


  1. Anonymous

    When I saw the title of this entry, I was certain you were going to mention “Seriously, So Blessed”. I mean, have you ever visited that blog? It is a riot and hits the nail right on the head with its satire of Mormon Mommy Blogs.

  2. Sarah

    HOLLY! I can’t believe you won! I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to see the skirts. Did I mention I’m SO JEALOUS?

  3. Holly

    i know sarah! i’m totally freaking out! i never win anything. for example, when i was about ten my family had annual passports to disneyland during the 30th anniversary. well, every 30th person through each line won something (sometimes big like a car or savings bond, sometimes small like a stuffed minnie or mickey). i think everyone in my family won something except for me that year. my dad would even pick us up from school and take us over there to see if we could win anything. we’d go through the line, ride one or two rides and then go home and do our homework and chores. i don’t know how many times we went through those lines that year, but i remained a non-winner.

    anyway, not that you should feel sorry for me because i got to go to disneyland a ton that year, but i’m just trying to illustrate the point that this is a HUGE deal for me that i won! not to mention that i LOVE these skirts, shirts and am dying over the prints too.

    i’m so excited. i could sing that song over and over and over again.

  4. Liz

    You are so lucky. I have never ever won anything in my whole entire life. But now that you won something it has inspired to me to keep trying.

  5. keely

    hi sister Lesue, this is Keely Roney, i randomly came across your blog and if you need ANY babysitting, i am open just call my house anytime!! THANKS!!


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